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Industrial Applications

Our company offers a wide variety of industrial applications as well as other unconventional uses of polyurethane foam.


Polarfoam PF-7217

Polarfoam PF-7217 is a two component spray rigid polyurethane foam system specially formulated to meet the surface burning characteristics Class 1 when tested in accordance to ASTM E-84. Insulating oil field skids is a common application for this foam.


Polarfoam PF-7211

Polarfoam PF-7211 is a two component spray rigid polyurethane foam system specially foromulated for applications requiring high foam build up with minimum scorching and no thermal cracking., used as supports for underground pipes and pipe insulation.


Polarfoam PF-7610-0

Polarfoam PF7610-0 is a two-component spray-applied rigid polyurethane foam system specially formulated to meet the zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) requirements of the Montreal Protocol and formulated for high service temperature up to 121°C (250°F) in application as tank, pipe andothers. The foam sprayed on this hot water tank is designed to hold up to higher temperature applications. This new friendly environmental tank foam generation insulation product system contains raw material made from recycled PET plastic material & renewable Soya beans oil and Zero ODP blowing agents.


Polarfoam PF-6352-0

Polarfoam PF-6352-0 is a rigid two component urethane foam system, specially formulated for pour-in-place applications. This system has good flow characteristics and mixes well using a high or low-pressure machine. This friendly environmental foam product is manufactured with recycled plastic material, soya oil material and with zero ODS (ozone depletion substances) blowing agents. This product meets all the requirements of the Montreal protocol to protect the ozone layer. This foam was used to fill abandoned mine shafts in enviromentaly sensitive areas not accessable to heavy equipment.


There are many non conventional applications for polyurethane foam, pictured here is the early stages of a display currently at the Peter Lougheed provincial.