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Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Why Spray Foam Contractors in Calgary Seal Your Gaps

Spray foam contractors Calgary

can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills. They achieve this by guaranteeing superior energy efficiency. This is mostly done by sealing gaps in the walls, floors and ceiling/roofing. But how does this really help?

If you have been keen on the statistics on insulation, you may have learnt that approximately 40% of energy loss is due to air infiltration. This takes place through gaps. Heat escapes through unsealed gaps. At end of the day, the HVAC works overtime. This results in high energy bills at the end of the month. The spray foam contractors Calgary seal the gaps to prevent heat loss/gain. There are many reasons why you should contact a spray foam contractor to help seal your house.

Prevent air leaks

The main purpose of sealing gaps in your house is to prevent air infiltration. When this is done, you can expect a saving of up to 20% in monthly energy expenses. The spray foam contractors Calgary have a profound understanding of a building’s envelope and will ensure there is no heat loss or gain by sealing the weak spots.

Spray foam forms an airtight seal. Upon application, the foam expands before solidifying. This helps create air barriers. Most other insulation systems do not offer this benefit.

Moisture control

High moisture in the house can cause damages and even attract pests. High moisture may also cause respiratory health problems. Spray foam acts as a moisture/ vapor barrier. When installed between walls or floors, spray foam will keep moisture from spreading. Spray foam will also protect your property in case of flooding. It is also used in roofing to seal gaps and prevent leaks.

Prevent air contamination

In addition to preventing air leaks, the spray foam contractors Calgary will help prevent air contamination. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses, spray foam will be essential for you. Not only does this solution prevent heat loss/gain, it will also seal the tiniest of gaps through which dust, pollen and other pollutants pass through. Sealing your gaps will improve the quality of air in your house.


If you or your neighbors play loud music or make a lot of noise, sealing gaps with spray foam will help with noise control. Spray foam acts as a cushion that absorbs noise. It can be installed between walls or floors for soundproofing purposes. You can also hire spray foam contractors Calgary to soundproof your home theater, play area or simply to soundproof your entire house so as to reduce noise disturbance from outside.

Pest prevention

Although most people don’t consider spray foam as a pest prevention solution, it works effectively in pest control. It will seal the gaps pests use to crawl into your house and reduce moisture. Moreover, spray foam is a plastic and does not serve as a source of food for the pests.

Contacting spray foam contractors Calgary to seal your gaps will give more benefits than just reducing the heating/ cooling costs. Hire the most experience and reputable contractors you can find.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary