Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – What Spray Foam Contractors Calgary Need to Know about Foam Blowing Agents

Spray foam contractors Calgary are faced with innumerable decisions on a daily basis. They have to decide on the amount to bid for each project, where to find the required equipment, how to properly install the foam, labor costs and so much more. Another important decision contractors have to make is that on the blowing agent to use. The blowing agent you end up using has a huge impact on the bottom line hence the need to pick an agent with care. Below are some important points you should know about blowing agents.

Blowing agents will impact the spray foam performance
The work of the blowing agent is to cause the foam to expand. It causes the foam to expand up to 30 times or even more of its original volume. Tiny bubbles of blowing agent are usually trapped in the foam cells. This impacts the properties of Calgary spray foam more so when it comes to thermal performance. The blowing agent you use impacts the properties of the finished spray foam such as its strength, thermal conductivity, flammability, density and environmental profile.

Open cell and close cell SPF differ because of the blowing agent used
With open cell, the cell walls are usually open to the environment and limited to continuing air as the insulating gas. The foam here is expanded by carbon dioxide which is caused be a reaction with water. With closed-cell foam, 90% of the cells are usually closed hence the need to use higher performance blowing agents/ insulating gases. These agents are normally better than air and deliver more thermal insulating values when compared to other materials of the same thickness. The type of blowing agent you end up using will have a major impact on the performance of SPF.

Blowing agents keep on changing
With more focus on reducing the climate impact, the blowing agents being used on the market keep on changing. You should not be left behind. Just because the blowing agent you have been using has brought great results with polyurethane Calgary does not mean you shouldn’t try other options. Keep an ear on the ground and keep up with the advancements n foam blowing agent technology. Keeping up with the trends is the key to improving foam performance.

The right blowing agent can improve your bottom line
The business of spray foam Calgary is a very competitive one. You need to keep your costs down if you want to get more clients. You want your work to be consistent and strong. Using advanced blowing agents will boost performance.

There are many ways in which the blowing agent you use impacts the end results. It is imperative that you keep up with the market. Know what other spray foam contractors Calgary are using and don’t be left behind. Your everyday goal should be achieving consistency, reducing environmental impact and boosting performance. This can only be achieved if you keep up with the ever changing trends. As a matter of fact, your blowing agent can help you win a project.

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