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Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Spray Foam Contractors Insulate House

Spray foam contractors Calgary

make your house more energy efficient. This is achieved by ensuring there is no energy loss by either conduction or air leak. They achieve this by paying attention to your building’s envelope during insulation. But how exactly do these contractors insulate your house?

Energy efficient

Air leaks account to about 40% of the energy loss. This happens through the floors, walls and roof. Air can leak through tiny spaces which could be cracks in the wall or gaps in the roof. The work of the spray foam contractors Calgary is first to identify these spots and install spray foam, in the right amount, to seal these gaps. At the end of the day, proper spray foam installation will save you 30 to 50% on your monthly utility bills.

Spray foam creates an air-tight seal. This will help keep the oppressive summer heat and the humidity out of your home. Reduced air infiltration also allows your HVAC contractor to downsize your equipment substantially. Your air conditioning system will not need to work overtime to purify the air or maintain a favorable temperature. The spray foam contractors Calgary will reduce the load on your HVAC. This results in reduced heating and cooling expenses.


Spray foam contractors Calgary will not only help you cut down on heating and cooling costs but also make the house quieter. Spray foam solidifies into a firm solid which works as a sound cushion. As a result, the system can be used to calm plumbing noise, noise from your teenage son’s room, noise from the road and so on. Soundproofing is one of the most admirable properties of spray foam. Spray foam contractors Calgary can be hired for sound dampening in the home theaters, playrooms, bathrooms, master bedrooms, laundry rooms or between floors.


Spray foam creates airtight seals. What this means is that pollutants will no longer be a nuisance. In addition to that, the material delivers advanced moisture management solution. It forms an air seal that minimizes the movement of air and accompanying moisture. By minimizing moisture movement through the house and from outside, the solution will prevent condensation and also reduce the potential of mold growth.

You can hire spray foam contractors Calgary to help with moisture control as well as to prevent allergens, dust and other pollutants from getting into your living space. This is advisable for the most toxic part of the house; the garage. The services of the contractors will also come in handy if you have members of the family who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

Always remember that having your house insulated with spray foam is not an automatic winner. It is how well the insulation has been installed that matters. Do not be tempted to do the work on your own. Hire a professional. The role of spray foam contractors Calgary is important in modern living. Make sure you hire the best team in the industry to help with insulation. Look at the experience and reputation of a service provider before hiring.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary