Spray Foam Calgary – Why You Need to Insulate the Crawl Spaces in Your Home

The insulation possibilities of insulating the crawl spaces in your home are endless. They range from improved insulation because of reduced air infiltration to pest and dust control. Believe it or not, if you have been using the traditional insulation options like fiberglass, there are many spaces you have not covered. All this can be solved with the use of spray foam in Calgary.

When it comes to covering your home’s spaces, there are several areas you need to consider. They include the following:

Unfinished spaces in the attic
Between studs of knee walls
Atop and between joists in the floor
Between rafter studs on the outside walls and roof
Walls between living spaces in the home
Storage areas
Basements inside foundation walls
Around plumbing and electrical cables
Around the foundation walls
Around the storm windows

There are many more areas that competent spray foam contractors in Calgary will help you identify. This should be followed by the injection of Calgary spray foam to fill the gaps. Once you cover the crawl spaces, you will notice a significant improvement in temperature regulation with lower heating costs. You will also reduce the strain on your HVAC and improve indoor air.

Insulating crawl spaces

Insulating the crawl spaces does not mean you do it blindly. The majority of building laws require you to add vents to move moisture through crawlspaces. It is your duty to decide on what to insulate. Basically, you have two options. The first is to insulate the floor between the tunnel and the house while the second is to insulate your foundation walls. The best thing is that you don’t have to make decisions on your own. A good spray foam contractor in Calgary will give you expert advice to make the right choice.

Choosing to insulate the walls will be beneficial for the ducts and pipes. The insulation will provide a thermal sheath that will help ward off freezing temperatures. However, for this to work perfectly, the crawlspace needs to be airtight. This is what will protect the ducts and pipes from pests, rodent invasion as well as water damage.

Work with an expert

Although insulating the crawl spaces using Calgary spray foam may seem like a simple task, it is not something you should consider doing on your own. This is more so when considering the fact that spray foam is a solution that needs to be handled by professionals and applied using appropriate equipment. Therefore, once you decide to insulate your home, call in a Calgary spray foam contractor to help with the task.

An experienced contractor will help identify air infiltration sites; help choose the right type of spray foam in Calgary to use and help with the installation. More often than not, the contractor will recommend you to use closed cell spray foam because it offers both protection and support. It also gives better insulation and energy efficiency than open cell spray foam.