Spray Foam Calgary – Why Should You Use Spray Foam in Calgary?

Polyurethane in Calgary is known for being a superior material for insulation and commercial roofing among other projects. When compared to other solutions, spray foam is a far more superior option. It can fully insulate a building and seal it from moisture and air infiltration. There are many reasons why you should consider spray foam for your insulation needs.

Prevents air & moisture infiltration
The most remarkable thing about Calgary spray foam is that it creates airtight seals. This is all thanks to its rigid form once it cures. This means the solution will effectively help you prevent air and moisture intrusion. This is the key to lowering heating costs especially when considering the fact that air infiltration accounts for about 40% of energy loss.

Improve occupant comfort
Reduction in energy loss means that the HVAC system will perform optimally. The desired temperatures will be achieved. This will improve your comfort while in the house. Secondly, because spray foam in Calgary creates airtight seals, it helps keep pollutants out of the house. This means fewer respiratory problems. Asthma patients will benefit a lot from this solution. Preventing moisture infiltration further combats condensation. All this improves occupant comfort.

Reduce energy bills
One of the reasons why people go for polyurethane in Calgary is because of its efficiency in lowering the energy bills. Upon the installation of SPF, you can expect a saving of up to 30% or more in energy bills. As an insulating material, spray foam prevents heat loss/gain by preventing conduction and air infiltration.

Strengthen the building envelope
In addition to the insulating properties, spray foam will help strengthen the building. This is achieved with the closed-cell spray foam which is more rigid. When applied, it adheres strongly to the surfaces. It will then cure into a rigid solid which will in turn boost the integrity of your building. The added support means fewer structural damages that may cause heat loss/gain. When applied under the roof, it will help prevent uplifts in the event of high speed winds.

Another great thing about Calgary spray foam is that it is permanent. Unlike fiberglass and other traditional materials, spray foam does not sag or settle after some time. It maintains its integrity for years while providing the same level of insulation. This means you don’t have to worry about repairs every now and then. Spray foam has a lifespan of more than 30 years.

Keeps bugs, dust and pollen out
As aforementioned, spray foam will create airtight seals. Your spray foam contractors in Calgary will ensure that every gap is sealed so as to prevent air infiltration. This helps keep bugs, pollen and dust out. At the end of the day, you will enjoy an improved indoor environment with fresh air.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, spray foam in Calgary will help protect against ice dams, improve the performance of the HVAC and helps you to meet the building codes. The key to success, when using spray foam is hiring the best spray foam contractors in Calgary.

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