Spray Foam Calgary – Why Should Every Homeowner Invest in Spray Foam Calgary

Calgary spray foam is a great material for people who want to improve their building’s energy efficiency. This is one of the few materials that offer more than just insulation. What is more is that installing SPF can actually boost the resale value of your home. But why should you really invest in SPF as a homeowner? Below are some of the top reasons that make this a great investment.

Effective insulation
The first thing you will note with spray foam Calgary is that it improves insulation. This is for the simple reason that it works in two ways. First, the high R-value will reduce conduction. This means less head will be gained/ lost through transfer through the walls. The second thing is that SPF creates airtight seals. This means less air infiltration. All this leads to a more energy efficient home and lower heating/cooling costs.

Humidity control
High humidity can cause severe problems to a property. It can cause rust, rot and even promote the growth of mold and algae. Using polyurethane Calgary will help reduce the humidity problem. This is because in addition to creating airtight seals, spray foam is also a vapor and water barrier. In the event of flooding, the water will be contained in one spot. Effective humidity control will further help you combat pest problems effectively.

Noise reduction
Did you know that using open-cell spray foam Calgary can help reduce noise in the room? This is because of the sponginess of the SPF. It helps with noise dampening. When installed on interior walls, you will experience less noise in the room.

Structural strength
Closed cell Calgary spray foam is considered because of its high R-value and strength. When installed, it helps improve structural strength. The reason for this is because the SPF solidifies into a rigid plastic which in turn helps improve the strength of a structure. When used under the roof, SPF has been found to reduce the risk of wind uplifts.

Less allergen
Allergens are a huge problem for persons with respiratory problems. You can hire spray foam contractors Calgary to install SPF. This will help seal the gaps that may be allowing allergens in.

Cleaner indoors
Last but not least, the ability of Calgary spray foam to create airtight seals helps improve cleanliness. This is because less dust will get in. You will enjoy having a healthy and cleaner indoor environment.

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