Spray Foam Calgary – Why is Spray Foam Calgary the Best Insulation Option?

Spray foam Calgary continues to be the material of choice for most homeowners. This is because more and more people are learning of the remarkable benefits that this solution offers. However, if you are not familiar with the advantages of using SPF, the purpose of this post is to help you understand why it is a great choice.

Significantly Reduces heat loss
The number one reason why homeowners are turning to Calgary spray foam is because of its ability to reduce energy loss. Spray foam works in a number of ways when it comes to insulation. First, its high R-value helps prevent conduction. Second, the foam creates airtight seals that prevent air infiltration. In combination, this leads to a significant reduction in energy loss.

Keeps pests out
Another great thing about polyurethane Calgary is that it helps keep the pests out. If you reside in areas that are prone to pests, using this insulation solution can give you some peace. This is for the simple fact that spray foam will cover every crack and make sure that there are no pathways for pests to through in through. What is more is that spray foam does not offer a source of food for pests.

Lasts a lifetime
Making an investment that will serve you for years is always something that everyone wants. This is something you will get once you hire spray foam contractors Calgary to help with the insulation. Unlike other materials, spray foam Calgary does not sag or settle. It maintains its rigid form for decades. The average lifespan of spray foam is 30 years.

Can be used virtually anywhere
In the case of fiberglass butts, when it comes to tiny crawlspaces or around plumbing, you will have trouble covering these areas. This is not the case with Calgary spray foam. The foam can be injected virtually anywhere. It makes it easy to cover difficult to insulate areas such as around plumbing and in tiny spaces. What is more is that the spray foam contractors Calgary can at times drill holes through the wall and inject the foam. There is no need to bring down the inner wall in order to install new insulation.

Creates water barriers
You should note that polyurethane Calgary helps create water berries. This is important when used under the roof. The material will reduce chances of a leak and also prevent excessive water damage in the event of a flood.

Helps with soundproofing
Open-cell spray foam helps with soundproofing when used on the interior walls. This is because of its spongy nature and its ability to cover all the cracks and holes in the walls.

Adds structural strength
Last but not least, you should note that the use of Calgary spray foam will help add structural strength. This is a great advantage. When it is applied, SPF expands and adheres strongly to the surfaces it is applied on before solidifying into a rigid plastic. This helps add structural strength. It will also help prevent wind uplifts when used under the roof.

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