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Spray Foam Calgary – What Kind of Spray Foam Calgary Uses

Spray foam Calgary

is used in both residential and commercial buildings to help achieve optimal energy efficiency as well as consistent performance. It gives consistent insulation and its performance does not decline with time as is the case with other systems most of which settle or sag after a few years. Spray foam will serve you for the entire lifetime of your building.

Prior to using spray foam Calgary, it is important to familiarize yourself with the two kinds of spray foams used in residential and commercial buildings. The choice of spray foam will depend on the type of project, climate conditions of an area as well as where it will be applied.

Closed-cell spray foam

Closed-cell spray foam is denser. It is ideal for exterior uses. It can be applied at extremely low temperatures of up to 5 degrees F. The closed-cell spray foam is perfect for continuous insulation. It has a high R-vale of more than 6.0 per inch hence can accommodate high R-value requirements in tiny spaces. The solution also has a lower vapor permeability, it can reject bulk water hence it is ideal for flood prone areas. Closed-cell also has a higher tensile and bond strength. This is the property that makes it possible for spray foam Calgary to add structural strength.

Open-cell spray foam

Open-cell is the second kind of spray foam used in Calgary. It is less dense and has tiny spaces in its structure. It is much cheaper to install. In spite of it having a lower R-value, it is possible to target a higher R-value by applying a thicker layer. All in all, you should note that the R-value can be restricted by space. Other than that, open-cell spray foam Calgary has a lower resource use, permits bi-directional drying and can accommodate long-term creep as well as seasonal movement. It also creates an air and moisture/ vapor barrier. Open-cell spray foam is perfect for interior uses.

Which is best?

Both the closed-cell and open-cell spray foams have unique benefits. They also have certain similarities. They both offer:

  • Insulation and air barriers
  • They are impermeable to vapor
  • Can accommodate seasonal shifting
  • Discourage the growth of mold

When it comes to the differences, closed cell offers more benefits in relation to insulation. It is more effective as a vapor barrier, it can deflect water and contain flooding, and it has a higher R-value of 6 whereas open-cell has a lower R-value of 3.7 per inch. Open cell spray foam is more effective in sound dampening.

The two kinds of spray foam have many uses. They can be used to insulate buildings, trucks and for other industrial uses. However, it is important to note that in some projects, you cannot substitute one with the other.

An experience spray foam contractor will ensure the right kind of spray foam Calgary is used for the best results. Always contract a professional to help with all spray foam projects.

Spray Foam Calgary