Spray Foam Calgary – What are the Differences between Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam in Calgary?

Spray foam in Calgary continues to gain more popularity over traditional insulation solutions like fiberglass. This gain in popularity can be attributed to the myriad of benefits that this option offers. In addition to improving insulation, it will offer structural strength, offer waterproof and soundproofing benefits among other things. However, before you consider this option for your building, you need to understand the difference between open cell and closed cell polyurethane in Calgary.

Open cell foam
The open cell SPF is the most common form of spray foam that is used in insulation. It is available in a range of densities from 0.5lb per cubic feet to 1.2lb per cubic feet. It also has a varying R-value which ranges from R-3.6 to R-4.5 per inch of thickness.

One of the reasons why most people go for the open cell Calgary spray foam is because it is less expensive when compared with closed cell SPF. What is more is that it offers soundproofing benefits. Its R-value is also higher than that of traditional materials like fiberglass.

However, you should note that open cell spray foam should only be applied on interior walls and above ground walls. It is perfect for the underside of an invented attic and where sound attenuation is needed. What is more is that open cell foam is not waterproof.

Closed cell foam
The second option is the closed cell spray foam in Calgary. This one has a higher density which ranges from 1.7lb per cubic feet to 2.2lb per cubic feet. Its R-value is much higher. Closed cell SPF has an R-value that ranges from R-5 to R-7 per inch of thickness. It is for this reason that it is considered for use where absolute insulation is needed.

Closed cell foam is waterproof. It will not allow any water or vapor permeability. It qualifies as a class II vapor retarder. It can be used in areas with major vapor or moisture drive such as walls below the grade foundations, wine cellars, indoor swimming pools, freezers and so on.

Another reason why closed cell foam is recommended by spray foam contractors in Calgary is because of its ability to add structural strength. The closed cell SPF cures into a rigid solid which adheres strongly to the surfaces it is applied on. Its high density and remarkable compression strength makes it an ideal choice where structural strength is needed. When applied under the roof, it can help prevent wind uplifts.

The above are the basic points you need to understand about open cell and closed cell foam. The option you end up going with will depend mostly on the type of project you will be handling. For example, if your objective is to soundproof a room, then the closed cell foam will be the perfect choice. You should also heed to the advice given to you by spray foam contractors in Calgary. They have more experience and will know what is best for you. Never base your choice solely on price.

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