Spray Foam Calgary – Tips to Help with the Application of Spray Foam Calgary

Spray foam Calgary should be installed by a professional. This is because of the many requirements that come with the installations. However, if you plan on handling the application on your own, there are a number of things you should consider doing. To start off, you have to check the foam regularly for thickness, quality and yield. This is particularly so when the temperatures are cool or when the humidity is high. Here are some of the things you need to do to guarantee the successful installation of SPF.

Lifts for closed-cell
During application, the Calgary spray foam will tend to expand before it starts to solidify. When working with closed-cell spray foam, it is imperative that you install lifts of less than one and a half inches thickness then allow breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes between the lifts. This will allow the exothermic heat to dissipate. Although some exothermic heat is needed for the curing SPF properly, excessive heat will cause cracks as well as shrinkage. Strong odors are often an indication of excessive heat. Experienced spray foam contractors Calgary will help you avoid these problems by properly positioning the nozzle of the spray gun.

One shot for the open cell
Open cell spray foam is less dense. It is usually installed with a single lift which starts at the bottoms of the stud-wall or the ceiling cavity; working up. The spaces behind the studs are typically picture-framed first in order to help avoid gaps and voids in the hard to reach areas. Open cell foam has a greater expansion rate than closed cell foam. At times, due to the great expansion, trimming may be needed after installation.

Job site protection
The chemicals involved in the creation of spray foam can be hazardous. This is why you need to wear protective gear at all times. In addition to that, the job site needs to be protected. If the door and windows have been left open, there is a great chance that the polyurethane Calgary will spread hundreds of yards away. You should also remember that once the foam sticks on a surface, it can be very hard to remove. This is what makes jobsite protection very important.

Prior to the installation of spray foam Calgary, it is imperative that you have a compressive overspray plan which should include careful masking and the removal of items in the vicinity that may be damaged by the spray. The spray foam contractors Calgary are also held responsible for providing a written respirator plan for the employees and a safety plan that protects all the nearby occupied areas and one that keeps non-workers from getting into the jobsite.

These are the most important points you have to remember when it comes to the installation of Calgary spray foam. Safety must always come first. You should also remember that it can be very difficult to remove spray foam. Therefore, make sure that everything is done the right way during installation. The last thing you want is to have to spend time and money removing cured SPF.

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