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Spray Foam Calgary – The Limits of Using Spray Foam in Calgary

Spray foam Calgary

is without doubt one of the most reliable insulation solution available on the market today. No other system gives you a lifetime guarantee of reliable insulation in addition to a couple other benefits among them mold, pollutant and moisture control. However, amidst all the benefits, spray foam has a few downsides.

Can’t be installed while people are in the building

Spray foam Calgary is a mixture of two chemicals. Upon contact, the chemicals react to form foam that expands and solidifies into a sturdy solid. During installation, liquid aerosol and vapor are more likely to be present. This can be both a skin and eye hazard upon contact. Additives like blowing agent and catalyst may also escape from the reacting foam.

To prevent hazards, it is imperative that the person installing spray foam Calgary wears proper protective gear. It is also critical that people as well as pets be removed from the room. All in all, the spray foam dries fast. The room can be reoccupied within a short time.

It is not a do-it-yourself solution

With fiberglass and other insulation materials, all you need to do is know how to install the materials and in which areas. This is not the case with spray foam Calgary. You need the right installation tools which include both the protective gear and the installation gun. In addition to that, knowledge on proper installation is paramount. It is recommended that you work with an expert to avoid the following problems.

  1. Spray foam not thick enough

Applying a spray foam Calgary that is not thick enough is a common mistake made by amateurs. The fact that closed cell foam has a higher R-value per inch does not mean applying two to three inches in rooflines will be sufficient. There are energy requirements that ought to be met.  The thickness will also depend on the area being insulated. An expert has the experience and knowledge that guarantees he applies the right amount of spray foam for different areas.

  1. Missing important sites

Air leakage accounts for about 40% of energy loss. To properly insulate the house, it is critical that the installer identifies all the critical areas and sufficiently covers all the air leakage sites. Missing even the smallest of areas can lead to inadequate insulation.

  1. Not understanding the building envelope

Knowing precisely where the building envelopes are essential and this can be challenging. As an amateur, it is easy to miss the critical areas. This is why you have to work with a professional. He will ensure there is no thermal bypass. To prevent heat loss/gain when using spray foam Calgary, every envelope of the building has to be insulated.

Spray foam Calgary can be used on any building. It can be used on commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial and even vans and tracks. However, you must never assume that simply installing spray foam will solve your energy loss/gain problems. It is how well the spray foam has been installed that counts. Work with a professional.

Spray Foam Calgary