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Spray Foam Calgary – Seal Gaps in Your Home with Spray Foam

Spray foam Calgary

is the go-to solution when it comes to home insulation and improvement. Unlike other solutions whose efficacy declines with time, spray foam insulation remains the same for years. In addition to that, the solution offers a number of benefits in addition to insulating a building. It’s properties makes it the perfect insulating system when a homeowner needs to seal gaps.

Just as the name depicts, spray foam is simply foam. It is formed by combining two chemicals whose reaction creates foam which expands before solidifying into a strong solid. These are the key properties that make spray foam Calgary the ultimate solution for sealing gaps. It can be used in areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing and in tight spaces.

Where can spray foam be used to seal gaps?

Most hardware retailers and home improvement centers sell insulating foam sealant products contained in aerosol cans. These products are ideal for small DIY projects. However, if your goal is to insulate your house while at the same time sealing gaps, you have to work with a professional.

The spray foam Calgary can be used to seal gaps in various areas among them:

  • Door and window gaps
  • Vents
  • Baseboards
  • Duct and pipe penetrations
  • Sink plumbing
  • Wall/floor junctions
  • Around plumbing
  • Around electrical boxes

Spray foam Calgary can also be used to seal outdoor gaps such as:

  • Electrical and gas penetrations
  • Wall joints
  • Garage ceiling
  • Around outdoor faucets
  • Around exterior vents
  • Cracks in the walls

Why use spray foam?

After being installed, spray foam adheres to the material it is applied to. This leads to a strong bond which has also been attributed to structural strengthening when spray foam Calgary is used in walls and roof insulation. The foam further forms airtight seals. This means no air leak or water permeability.

The unique characteristics of spray foam bring the following benefits:

  • Prevent air leakage

When compared with other insulating materials, spray foam Calgary has a higher R-value per inch. It also creates airtight seals. Considering 40% of heat loss results from air leakage, spray foam is the best insulation solution for any building.

  • Water/ Vapor barrier

Spray foam is waterproof. In case of flooding, it will keep water/ moisture from spreading to other areas. Spray foam is also easy to clean after flooding. It is the ultimate tool for moisture control. It will seal the cracks and keep water/ moisture from spreading.

  • Mold control

Spray foam is waterproof, airtight and is not a source of food for mold, algae and mildews. It will help with mold control.

  • Pest prevention

Sealing gaps eliminates pathways pests can use to get into the house. In some way, spray foam insulation will help with pest prevention.

  • Reduce pollutants

Spray foam insulation is airtight. Using the material to seal gaps will help keep pollutants out.

There are many reasons why you should use spray foam Calgary to seal gaps and for insulation. The important thing to do is ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and work with the best installation team.

Spray Foam Calgary