Spray Foam Calgary – Main Benefits of Using Spray Foam Calgary

Spray foam Calgary is one of the most sought after solution when it comes to insulation. This is mainly because of the many benefits that it offers. People are beginning to understand that the high initial investment is nothing when compared to the overall benefits you stand to gain once the foam has been installed. If you are still one of the people are thinking twice about the use of SPF, take a look at the main benefits you are bound to rip when you use this solution can help make a sound decision.

Reduced heat loss/gain
The number one benefits you will surely get are a significant reduction in heat loss/gain. The best thing about Calgary spray foam is that it not only prevents heat loss through conduction but also prevents air infiltration. If you have been keen, you may have learnt that air infiltration accounts for up to 40% of heat gain/loss in a house. Spray foam will create airtight seals and cover the entire building envelope. This is one of the few solutions that is easy to install in tricky areas such as around plumbing and in tiny crawlspaces.

The result of the reduce heat loss/gain is a reduction on the strain on your HVAC. This means you will spend less energy to heat/cool your house every month. What is more is that you can install a smaller HVAC which is more economical if you plan on installing polyurethane Calgary.

Added structural strength
Another remarkable benefit you cannot afford to ignore is that on structural strength. After installation, Calgary spray foam will expand, adhere strongly to the surface it is applied on and then cure into a rigid solid. When applied between the walls, this effect leads to added structural strength. As a matter of fact, spray foam is recommended for homes in areas that are prone to high winds. Here, when it is applied under the roofing system, it helps reinforce it thereby preventing wind uplifts.

Improved indoor air quality
When there are holes and gaps in the walls, the polluted outdoor air will find its way in. Spray foam contractors Calgary can help prevent this problem. This is because SPF creates airtight seals that will cover all the spaces and gaps that may lead to contamination.

Less noise
Using open-cell spray foam can help with noise reduction. The sponginess of this foam helps with sound dampening. This means less noise between rooms or between floors.

Lasts for decades
Last but not least, it is important to note that using spray foam Calgary is a lifetime investment. On average, the solution will serve you for 30 years. It does not sag or settle as with other materials.

These are just some of the top benefits you stand to gain when you use SPF. There many other benefits which include pest prevention and flood control. You just need to make sure that you work with a competent installer.

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