Spray Foam Calgary – Key Benefits that Spray Foam Calgary Offers

Spray foam Calgary is the highest rates insulation material. This can be attributed to its high R-value and long lifespan. It also offers a range of other benefits that other solutions don’t offer. If you are thinking about the installation of SPF, there are a couple of facts you need to understand about it. In this post, we shall be taking a look at the different ways in which the use of SPF can transform your home.

Incredible heating and cooling benefits
The best thing about Calgary spray foam is that it has a high R-value. Its R-value is more than 6.0 per inch of thickness. When you compare this with other solutions, you will notice that the minimum R-value of SPF is double that of the second best insulation material. In addition to the R-value, spray foam offers remarkable insulation benefits because it seals the cracks and crevices that may permit air infiltration. Regardless of where you live, the installation of SPF will significantly lower your heating and cooling costs. The average energy savings stand at 50%. Other solutions will only offer you an average of 30%.

Noise reduction
Do you live in a noisy neighborhood? If you do, you can improve your comfort by hiring spray foam contractors Calgary to help with the installation of SPF. In this case, the experts will use open cell SPF. It is spongy in nature and helps with sound dampening. Open cell SPF is used on interior walls. It has also been used in soundproofing such rooms as recording studios. The solution will minimize noise both by sound dampening and sealing gaps through which sound can pass through.

Reduce allergens
If you suffer from respiratory problems, then you know how important it is to have clean indoor air. The use of polyurethane Calgary can help achieve that. By creating airtight seals, SPF will see to it that the contaminated air from outside never gets in. It will help reduce allergens from the air as well as deal with the dust problem. At the end of the day, you will notice a reduction in allergies, fewer sneezes and a cleaner indoor environment.

Pest control
Did you know that the installation of spray foam Calgary can actually help with pest control? The solution will seal all the entryways that pests use to get into your home. It will also help with moisture control. What is more is that SPF will not provide a source of food for pests. SPF is quite effective in mold control.

Structural strength
Calgary spray foam can be used to increase the sturdiness of your house. This is because closed cell SPF cures into a rigid plastic which adheres strongly to the surface it is applied on. The end result is added structural strength.

There are many more benefits that polyurethane Calgary offers among them eco-friendliness and long lifespan. However, for you to realize the many benefits that come with this solution, you must work closely with professional installers.

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