Spray Foam Calgary – Important Tips You Have to Understand About Spray Foam in Calgary

Spray foam in Calgary not only offers insulation benefits but also adds structural strength. This is why most contractors recommend homeowners to go for this option when insulating their building. However, you need to remember that the solution is not as easy to use as most contractors claim. There are four very important points you need to understand before you start insulating your home with SPF.

You have to achieve the right thickness
One of the key reasons why people end up being frustrated with the results they get from spray foam insulation is because their installer never took the time to understand the R-value requirements. Calgary spray foam has a high R-value but this does not mean you only apply a single layer. If the building codes require that you achieve an R-value of 30; that means you have to apply more layers to achieve that. This is because on average, closed cell spray foam has an R-value of 6.0 per inch of thickness. Not applying a thick enough layer is the number one reason why poor insulation is experienced.

All cracks and crevices need to be filled
Studies have shown that the number one cause of heat loss is air infiltration. This is why most spray foam contractors in Calgary will recommend that you go for SPF. This is not because doing so will bring them business but because spray foam creates airtight seals. However, if you don’t fill all the cavities and gaps, air infiltration will still be achieved. In addition to understanding the building envelope, it is imperative that you ensure that all the cracks and gaps that may lead to unwanted air infiltration are covered. Missing even the smallest of the air leakage sites will lead to problems.

Completely understand the building envelope
Every building is unique in its own way. It can be hard to understand the building envelope in complex houses. If an area is missed, air will leak and this will lead to heat loss. When it comes to the use of polyurethane in Calgary, you have to make sure that every part of the building envelope is covered. Failure to do so will lead to excessive heat gain or loss. Failing to understanding the building envelope is another reason why some installers will apply too much spray foam.

Clean up the surfaces
Last but not least, before you start installing Calgary spray foam, you need to make sure that the target sites are clear. You need to complete any necessary repairs and make sure the surfaces are free of debris that may cause poor adhesion. This is the key to preventing the problem of spray foam pulling away from the framing.

Never assume that because you are using spray foam in Calgary to insulate your home you will deal away with all your heating problems. It all depends on how the foam is installed. This is why the most important thing you need to do is work with a spray foam contractor in Calgary that understands what he is doing.

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