Spray Foam Calgary – How Spray Foam Calgary Can Improve Your Home

Spray foam Calgary offers myriad benefits to homeowners. Not only does it prevent heat loss/gain but also helps reinforce the structure and will serve you a lifetime. In this article, we shall be focusing on the key ways in which the use of SPF can improve your home.

Prevent wind uplifts
The first thing you need to note is that when Calgary spray foam is applied under the roof, it will reinforce the structure. The adhesive properties of the solution will help prevent wind uplifts. This is one of the reasons why spray foam is recommended in areas that are prone to tempests. In addition to adding strength to the roofing system, the solution will further prevent leaks. This is because SPF is impermeable to water. This can go a long way in preventing floods.

Reinforce the walls
During installation, two chemicals are mixed by the spray foam contractors Calgary. Upon contact, the two chemicals react to create foam. The foam will expand, adhering strongly to the surfaces it is installed on before curing into a rigid solid. This action cause spray foam to reinforce the walls. It is more like having an additional wall within your wall. It will help hold the parts together and make your walls more rigid. Spray foam will further reinforce the walls by reducing the impacts of capillary action. It keeps the water that soaks through the walls from spreading.

Keep pollutants out
One thing you need to understand about SPF is that it creates airtight seals. This is one of the ways it helps reduce heat loss/gain. By keeping air out, polyurethane Calgary will help keep the pollutants out. This helps you enjoy a more peaceful indoor environment. What is more is that spray foam does not sag or settle after some years. This means you will not need to deal with pollutants in the air after some years as it is the case with fiberglass.

Reduce the impacts of flooding
Flooding can result from many things from leaks from the roof to damaged plumbing. The last thing you want is for a plumbing problem in the bathroom to cause your entire house to be flooded. Spray foam Calgary can help prevent this issue. When installed between the walls and floors, the solution will keep water from going through the walls. It makes clean up easier too. You don’t have to worry about rots or damaged electric lines after a flood.

Keep pests out
Calgary spray foam can help prevent pest problems. SPF does not serve as a source of food for the pests and it will help seal off all the cracks that may serve as the entryways.

Improve the efficiency of the HVAC
Last but not least, polyurethane Calgary will improve your home by improving the efficacy of the HVAC. With reduced heat loss, you can be guaranteed that your HVAC will not need to work overtime to achieve the desired temperature. This will in turn reduce HVAC breakdowns which often result from overworking the system.

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