Spray Foam Calgary – How Much Does the Installation of Spray Foam Calgary Cost?

Spray foam Calgary is the best option you can turn to if you wish to achieve remarkable results in home insulation. The solution not only guarantees that you reduce heat loss but will also prevent air infiltration, add structural strength and improve the air quality in your home. All in all, to achieve this and more benefits, you have to be prepared to pay considerably more for the project. The use of SPF is not cheap. Taking a look at some of the key factors that impact the cost can help you better prepare for the project.

Amount of space to be covered
The first thing that will determine how much you end up paying is the size of the area that needs to be insulated. This is a no brainer. If the area is small, you will definitely pay less and vice versa if the area to be insulated is big. On average, the cost of insulation ranges from $1.15 to $2.95 per square foot. If his is the rate given to you by your spray foam contractors Calgary, you need to cross multiply the figure with the total area that needs to be covered. This will give you the rough cost. You should then add labor costs.

Reputation of the installer
Another thing that will affect the cost of installing Calgary spray foam is the reputation of the installer. More often than not, the most reputable service providers will tend to charge more for their services. This is something you will have to account for. The reputable spray foam contractors Calgary are in high demand. This is because they are less likely to make a mistake and they will guarantee the best results. This is what causes them to charge more for their services.

At times, working with the most reputable service provider is not the best way to go. Take some time to look at the quality of services rendered by different installers and select the one that guarantees the good results and at the most competitive rate.

Complexity of your building’s architecture
How complex your building architecture is will also impact the overall cost of insulation with spray foam Calgary. If the design is too complicated, a lot of work will be involved. This means that the contractor will charge you more for dealing with your complex architectural design. Buildings with a simple envelope will cost you less to insulate.

The desired R-value
The desired R-value will play a part. If you need a higher R-value, more polyurethane Calgary will be needed. The purchase of more products means more expenses in insulation.

Last but not least, if you want the project completed fast, you will have to pay premium rates to the spray foam contractors Calgary.

The initial installation cost may seem too steep but Calgary spray foam has a great return on investment. By investing $5,000, for example, you can be guaranteed of an ROI of $250 per month. You will be able to earn back your investment within 2 to 5 years.

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