Spray Foam Calgary – How Does Spray Foam Calgary Differ from Other Materials?

Spray foam Calgary is a remarkable solution for home insulation. This is a solution that offers more than just a reduction in heat loss/gain. However, not many people are pro the option. If you are torn between using cheaper solutions and SPF, taking a look at some of the ways in which spray foam differs from other solutions can help make a more informed choice.

Lasts longer
One of the most remarkable benefits of using Calgary spray foam is the fact that it lasts much longer. This is when compared with all other solutions. In the case of cellulose and fiberglass, the solutions usually settle or sag after some years. This is not the case with spray foam. SPF maintains its rigid condition for up to 30 years. This means you never have to worry about scheduled maintenance.

Creates airtight barriers
Air infiltration accounts for up to 40% of energy loss in a home. Most solutions do not create airtight barriers but spray foam does. With the help of spray foam contractors Calgary, you will be able to cover the building envelope to ensure that there is no site of air infiltration. Being able to do this will result in an energy saving of up to 50%.

Creates water barriers
In the event of a flood, cleaning up is the most difficult thing homeowners get to do. Water usually goes to the furthest corners. What is more is that your walls and floors will soak up the water. All these are problems that can be prevented with the use of polyurethane Calgary. SPF is waterproof. It does not allow water to pass through and it does not soak up water. It will hence help reduce the damages causes by water.

Adds structural strength
Another very important point you should note with spray foam Calgary is that it adds structural strength. This is a benefit you will not get with the likes of fiberglass. During installation, SPF will expand, filling every space, before solidifying into a rigid plastic. In so doing, this helps add structural strength. You should note that when it is used under the roof, spray foam can help reduce wind uplifts.

Can be installed anywhere
Calgary spray foam excels over other solutions because it can be installed virtually anywhere. With fiberglass butts, installers have trouble covering the areas around plumbing, electric cables and in tight spaces. This is a problem that is solved by spray foam. The foam can be injected virtually anywhere.

These are just some of the benefits that make polyurethane Calgary the best option to go with. However, you should also take note of the flipside. The first problem with spray foam is that during installation, you need specialized tools. This is why you must always work with spray foam contractors Calgary. Second, removing cured SPF can be very hard. You have one shot at getting things right. Even so, the advantages of using SPF outweigh the disadvantages.

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