Spray Foam Calgary – How Can You Use Spray Foam Calgary

Spray foam Calgary is one of the most highly recommended insulation products on the market today. It is easy to care for and can be used to insulate hard to insulate areas. In addition to that, it has a long lifespan. Unlike other materials, it doesn’t sag or settle after a few years. It maintains its rigidity throughout. In this post, we will be looking at the different ways you can use SPF.

Reduce heat loss/gain
The main use of Calgary spray foam is to reduce heat loss/gain. Spray foam has a high R-value of more than 6.0 per inch of thickness. This is unlike fiberglass which has an R-value of 3.0 per inch of thickness. With SPF, you will be able to insulate hard to reach areas such as tiny crawlspaces and still get to achieve the desired R-value. Fiberglass is bulky and is not effective especially when being used around plumbing and electric cables.

Still on reducing heat loss/gain, it is good to note that polyurethane Calgary works in two ways. First, it prevents heat transfer. Second, it will create airtight seals which help combat air infiltration. Needless to say, its working is one of the things that make this solution one of the best insulation materials you can use.

Keep pests out
Pests are a nuisance and as you may already know, they get into your house from outside. Using spray foam Calgary can help with pest management. This is because SPF does not serve as a source of food for pests and it is very effective in sealing gaps that pests can use as entryways.

Strengthen your structure
It is also good to note that using SPF will help strengthen your structure. The reason for this is because during installation, the foam adheres strongly to the surface it is applied on prior to expanding and curing into a rigid plastic. It has been found that using spray foam under the roof can help prevent the risk of wind uplift. If you live in areas that are prone to high winds, you should ask spray foam contractors Calgary to apply this solution under the roof. This will strengthen it.

Soundproof your home
Did you know that you can soundproof your home using Calgary spray foam? The solution seals all the gaps and spaces through which sound can pass through. Moreover, open-cell spray foam is effective in sound dampening. This is thanks to its sponginess.

Reduce the risk of water damage
Spray foam creates water and vapor barriers. This means when used properly it will help reduce the risk of water damage. It can be used under the roof to prevent leaks. When used on walls, it can reduce the damage caused by flooding.

There are many reasons why you should consider using SPF. The important thing is to work with spray foam contractors Calgary who know what they are doing.

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