Spray Foam Calgary – Getting Ready for Spray Foam Calgary Installation

Spray foam Calgary continues to be the insulation material of choice for most homeowners. The reason for this is because people are learning of the innumerable benefits that come with this material. It not only reduces heat loss through transfer but also helps prevent air infiltration. The solution also has a long lifespan of more than 30 years and offers structural benefits too. However, if you plan on installing this solution in your home, there are a couple of things you will have to do when getting ready.

Get everyone out
The first thing you have to understand about uncured Calgary spray foam is that it is harmful. It can cause respiratory problems to both animals and plants. The first order of the day must be getting everyone out as well as your pets and plants. That way, you will be able to prevent harm. As an installer, you will need to wear protective gear. You have to protect your eyes and wear a gas mask. You should also protect your skin. The best time to install SPF is when there are no people around. That way you will be able to protect them from the chemicals and also have an ample working space.

Clean the surfaces
The next step is to prepare the job site. You should start by taking the furniture out or away from the rooms you will be installing polyurethane Calgary in. Second, you need to remove the old insulation material. The surfaces where you will be installing SPF need to be cleaned. Cleaning these surfaces ensures that spray foam will adhere perfectly to the surfaces.

Understand your building envelope
Before you start mixing the chemicals, start by understanding your building envelope. Yes spray foam Calgary offers great insulation benefits but if you don’t cover every problem area, the results will not be as great. Hiring a professional is not something you should ignore. Using advanced equipment, the expert will help you know where you should focus on the most and also the R-value that will give the best results.

Ensure there is proper ventilation
To create the foam, the spray foam contractors Calgary have to combine two chemicals in the right proportions. Failure to do this will lead to poor foam formation. The reaction of the chemicals produces gases that might be hazardous. That is why you should ensure there is proper ventilation on the job site. Proper lighting is also needed.

Combine the chemicals properly
Last but not least, you have to make sure the chemicals are combined properly. As aforementioned, poorly combined chemicals will lead to poor foam formation. This can cause poor insulation results. As an installer, you have to make sure that you combine the chemicals in the right proportions and at the right temperature. The right installation equipment must also be used.

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