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Spray Foam Calgary FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Spray Foam

When you first decide to use spray foam Calgary, you will have many questions going through your mind. This is an investment but is it worth the value? This is a common question property owners ask. Below are answers to the top questions that people ask before contactingcontractors for spray foam Calgary.


How is the foam installed?

Spray foam is installed using a spray gun. It is sprayed into wall cavities especially in areas between wooden studs. It is sprayed as a liquid which turns into foam within 2 to 10 seconds. The foam then expands for up to 100 times the original size thereby filling every corner and crevice. It permanently adheres to the stud cavity. You need the right equipment and protection gear to install the foam hence the dire need to work with spray foam contractors in Calgary.


Why use spray foam?

Spray foam is selected mostly because of its insulating properties. The foam has one of the highest R-value (up to 6.8 per inch) in the market. It also offers airtight seals and will reduce the spread of moisture. In addition to that, the use of spray foam Calgary will improve the indoor air quality because the material reduces the potential for mold, dust, mildew, pollen and allergens from getting into the house. Other benefits include the reduction of household energy use by up to 50% and the strengthening of the walls, floors and ceilings. Homes with spray foam insulation have higher resale value.


Why use spray foam instead of fiberglass?

The main reason is because spray foam offers an airtight seal. This significantly reduces head loss through leakage. Second, spray foam is more durable because it adheres to the structure it is applied on hence it will not sag or settle as is the case with fiberglass. Third, spray foam has a higher R-value per inch. This results in better insulation even in extreme temperatures. Fourth, unlike fiberglass, the use of spray foam Calgary will reinforce your structure.


Which is better, open cell or closed cell foam?

The answer depends on the nature of your project. While most spray foam contractors in Calgary spray both foams, the preferred choice is the closed cell foam. This is because it has a higher R-value per inch, strengthens the structure and is an effective barrier against moisture and air leak. Open cell foam is less dense and has a lower R-value per inch. The open cell foam is used in areas with tiny spaces, cracks or crevices that need to be insulated. It expands upon application hence it can be used to seal off tiny cracks. The open cell foam is also less expensive.


How long does the foam last?

The spray foam is engineered to be durable. It will practically last the life of the house. It does not sag as it the case with fiberglass and other materials.


Licensed spray foam Calgary  contractors will answer most of the questions you may have. Make sure you understand everything you need to know about spray foam before starting your project.