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Spray Foam Calgary – Energy Conscious Homeowners Choose Spray Foam Calgary


Spray foam Calgary


does not only save you in heating and cooling costs but can also help you qualify for tax rebates, credits as well as other incentives that can help offset most of the renovation expenses. With more people learning of the benefits of this insulation system, it is quickly becoming a favorite to energy conscious homeowners.

Reduces heating and cooling costs

Spray foam Calgaryis a rigid foam plastic that is used for insulation in walls, roofs and attics. It creates airtight seals around the walls, corners, roofs and other contoured surfaces. This reduces energy loss through air leak.

Prevents drafts

Effectively controlling indoor temperature requires that you control air drafts. This is the movement of air from the outside to the inside or vice versa. Spray foam is effective in preventing this problem. It is an effective solution because it can be used in hard to insulate areas such as around plumbing and can also seal the tiniest of cracks and crevices.

Resists heat transfer

Another reason why spray foam Calgaryis a considerable solution is because it inhibits heat transfer. Depending on the type of spray foam being used (closed-cell or open-cell), it has a high R-value that ranges from 3.5 to 7 per inch of thickness. It is hence effective in keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter.

The most remarkable benefit of using spray foam is its ability to create air seals. This prevents air infiltration which may compromise insulation. The high R-value paired with the high resistance to heat transfer and air movement results in a higher thermal performance of the insulation system.

Seals cracks

Air infiltration is the main cause of heat loss. As an energy conscious homeowner, you need to seal off all the cracks and spaces between roof joints and seams. This will lead to reduced energy loss. There is no system that seals these gaps better than spray foam. It creates airtight seals and while it expands after application, it will seal even the gaps that you never knew existed.

Barrier to water and vapor

Condensation and water intrusion can be troubling. Not only will this increase the humidity in your house but may also encourage pests and cause damage to your property. Spray foam will help combat this problem effectively by creating a waterproof barrier.

Keep pollutants out

As you may already know, spray foam Calgarycreates airtight seals. In addition to preventing air infiltration and heat loss or gain, this seal will keep pollutants out. This can be particularly helpful in households with persons who suffer from allergies.

Spray foam Calgary offers many more benefits to homeowners among them improved structural strength. It is also inert once it is cured. The U.S. Environmental Protection agency recommends working with a professional installer. This ensures that the entire envelope of your building is covered. A professional will also use the right protective gear to protect you and your household from the chemicals. Resolve to work with a certified contractor.

Spray Foam Calgary