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Common Uses of Spray Foam Calgary

Spray foam insulation is the ultimate alternative to traditional building insulation like fiberglass. The foam is usually a mixture of polyol and isocyanate which is combined at the tip of a spray gun. Contractors for Spray foam Calgary can use this solution to insulate your house in many ways. Below are the common uses of spray foam.


Basement insulation

The spray foam insulation is commonly used to insulate the basement mostly because of its thermal insulation and moisture prevention. A poorly insulated basement can lead to uncomfortable floors because of cold and moisture. Moisture buildup can also result in the buckling of the hardwood floors. Insulation with spray foam  Calgary ensures an even floor temperature, quieter spaces, minimized risk of buckling of the hardwood floors, increased durability and reduced heat loss.

Internal wall insulation

Spray foam contractors in Calgary can help dampen sound or keep the pollutants out with professional internal wall insulation. The solution will soundproof your house from both internal and external noises. Air-sealing the walls and ceilings with spray foam will reduce air pollutions.


External wall insulation

A lot of energy is lost through the external walls. Proper external wall insulation with spray foam in Calgary will protect the house against energy loss. This solution increases energy efficiency, soundproofs the house and improves indoor air quality by reducing air pollution.


Vented attic insulation

Warm air is lighter than cool air. As a result, once a room is heated, the warm air goes up before evening out. If the ceiling or the attic is not well insulated, a lot of energy will be lost. Spray foam contractors in Calgary can help improve energy performance by up to 50% with spray foam insulation. Attic insulation further reduces the potential of moisture or water damages which may lead to health problems (mold).


Crawl space insulation

The insulation of crawl spaces with spray foam significantly reduces cooling and heating costs. Sufficient insulation leads to an even floor temperature, added comfort, effective air-seal in areas that are difficult to insulate, increased durability of the structure and reduced condensation on the ductwork.


Reinforce existing insulation

During insulation, there are certain areas that prove difficult to insulate. This is more so when using traditional insulating materials and solutions. This is common when working on the crawl spaces. When such problems arise, spray foam becomes the best solution. It is possible to use this insulation with other insulating materials. The best thing is that its application process makes it possible to install in almost any area. The spray foam contractors in Calgary only need the application gun.


Spray foam is very versatile and it can be used in a range of applications. The solution can be used in such hard-to-insulate spaces as irregular studwork, unusually shaped spaces, ductwork, electrical boxes, piping and other areas. If you are wondering whether spray foam can be used in a certain tricky area in your building, all you need to do is contact licensed spray foam contractors in Calgary for advice. Choose a contractor you can trust.