Spray Foam Calgary – Achieve the Best Results during the Installation of Calgary Spray Foam

Spray foam Calgary has proven to be one of the most reliable insulation materials a homeowner can use. The benefits are endless. They range from significant reduction in energy costs to improve structural integrity to improved indoor air and so much more. However, for you to enjoy the benefits that come with this solution, it is imperative that you get things right the first time round. Below are the top things you need to do.

Understand the 2 types
Part of effective insulation with Calgary spray foam is to understand the two systems and how they work. You will be dealing with open cell and closed cell SPF. They both have their own unique properties. Open cell is less dense and ideal for use indoors. Closed cell, on the other hand is denser and perfect for effective insulation. It will also offer structural strength. The application process of the two types also differs.

Get the ration right
Another thing you will have to do when working with polyurethane Calgary is to get the ratios right. To create the foam, you have to combine two chemicals. This has to be done properly while keeping an eye on the temperature. Being off ratio will lead to poor foam quality and may also cause toxicity. If you have no idea on how the chemicals should be combined, it is wise to work with spray foam contractors Calgary. They have the experience, training and the equipment needed to do the job right.

Watch the thickness
Closed cell spray foam Calgary has an R-value of 6.0 per inch of thickness. This means you don’t have to place too many layers to achieve a desired R-value during insulation. In addition to that, you need to watch the thickness because inconsistency can lead to insulation problems. Applying a layer that is too thick can also cause a reaction that may cause the chemicals to decompose or even ignite. You need to follow the instructions carefully when working with SPF.

Give time to cure
Calgary spray foam will expand when applied. You need to give it room to expand before applying another later. This will keep you from causing damages due to excess expansion.

Other things you need to do is to match the foam product to the application, ensure quality in the field and get the substrate right. When push comes to shove, you should work with an expert. There are so many spray foam contractors Calgary that you can hire.

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