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Polyurethane foam Calgary – What Type of Polyurethane Foam Calgary Uses

Polyurethane foam Calgary

is a spray applied plastic which forms a continuous insulation and air sealing barriers on roofs, walls, around corners and on any contoured surface. The foam is made by mixing two chemicals at the job site. When mixed, the two chemicals react rapidly to create foam that seals gaps, insulates and forms vapor and moisture barriers. Spray foam is preferred because of its unique characteristic of resisting heat transfer. It further offers effective solutions in reducing air infiltration through seams, joints and cracks.

Types of Polyurethane foam

There are three primary types of Polyurethane foam Calgary. They are used for insulation and other specific purposes.

  1. High density: This type is used on exterior projects. It is often chosen for roofing and exterior wall applications.
  2. Medium density: This is used for continuous insulation. It is mainly applied in interior cavities as well as unvented attics.
  3. Low density: This is used for interior cavity fills and attic applications.

The high density and medium density spray foams are often referred to as the closed-cell foam. They are more rigid than the low density Polyurethane foam Calgary. The closed-cell foam uses a closed cell structure which improves thermal resistance. It also offers a wide range of other properties such stronger insulation which in turn adds structural strength. The open-cell foam, on the other hand, has a structure that has tiny holes in the cells. It is preferred for improved drying capabilities and flexibility.

The closed-cell and open-cell Polyurethane foam Calgary can be used in combination. With the open cell being less dense, it can be used to seal tiny cracks. Closed cell spray foam can then be applied for added insulation. Each of the two types of spray foam offers its own unique benefits. A spray foam contractor can explain these benefits to you in detail. They also determine which type of spray foam is most appropriate for specific climates, buildings and projects.


In addition to the difference in structure, the difference between the open cell and closed cell Polyurethane foam Calgary is in how the two are created and installed.  There are two main delivery systems that are used; the high-pressure and low-pressure.

With the high-pressure, the Polyurethane foam Calgary is used to insulate larger areas; on a new building or in case of major renovations of the roofing and wall systems. For this installation, the contractor may require a spray rig which can be a trailer or truck. The rig houses the ingredients, air supply as well as other pieces of equipment.

Low-pressure is less intricate. The Polyurethane foam Calgary may be contained in refillable cylinders which are portable systems. This option is used in small to mid-sized projects. Insulation is applied around electrical, duct or piping penetrations, roof repairs and rim joist.

The high-pressure and low-pressure Polyurethane foam Calgary are applied by professionals. The professional will decide on the best type of spray foam to use as well as the best installation method. For better results, refrain from installing spray foam on your own.

Polyurethane foam Calgary