Polyurethane Calgary – How Calgary Spray Foam will Strengthen Your Home

Polyurethane Calgary is one of the best solutions you can use when you want to improve the value of your home. This is more so when considering the energy savings the solution will help you achieve. All that you need to do is to ensure that the SPF is installed properly by a professional. Once that is done, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

Add structural strength
The first thing you will notice about spray foam Calgary is that it will increase the overall strength of your home. When it is installed, the solution normally expands before adhering strongly to the surface it is applied on. It then cures into a rigid solid. This action is what helps add structural strength. Considering it is a rigid solid when it cures, SPF will be very effective in making your building stronger.

Prevent wind uplift
This point may be similar to the previous one but it is worth mentioning it as an independent point. It is possible to install Calgary spray foam under the roofing system. This has been done in most homes. The strategy helps prevent heat loss as the warm air rises. In addition to that, the adhesive nature of SPF will help hold the roof in place thus preventing wind uplifts in the event of strong winds. It is for this very reason that the installation of SPF under the roof is recommended for home in areas that are prone to high winds.

Prevent water damage
Water damage is not only expensive but also discomforting. It causes rot and rust. It will also cause the growth of mold and attract other pests. With help from spray foam contractors Calgary, you will be able to prevent these problems. The reason for this is because SPF creates a water barrier. In case of flooding, it will keep the water from spreading to other areas thus making it easy to clean up. In addition to that, when installed under the roof, it will help prevent leaks by reinforcing the roof.

Reduce noise
If you live in a noisy neighborhood, the installation of open-cell spray foam Calgary can help you reduce the noise from outside. You will also prevent complaints from your neighbors when you play loud music. This is because open cell spray foam helps with sound dampening. It can also be installed between walls and floors to reduce noise.

Keep pests out
The use of polyurethane Calgary will help with pest control. It seals all the pathways pests can use to crawl into your home. Spray foam is also not a source of food for the pests. It will also prevent the conditions that make your home attractive to pests such as high humidity.

There are many more ways in which SPF will improve your home. Going with this solution when you plan on selling your home will boost its overall selling price. You just need to involve experienced spray foam contractors Calgary to help with the installations.

Polyurethane Calgary