Polyurethane Calgary – Common Mistakes in the Installation of Polyurethane Calgary

Polyurethane Calgary is the best solution you can use if you want to bring your heating/cooling costs down. The solution reduces heat gain/loss by preventing air infiltration and significantly reducing heat transfer through condition. In spite of the innumerable benefits spray foam offers, some people never get to enjoy the benefits. This is because of making minor but dire mistake before and during installation. This post discusses the common mistakes you need to avoid when installing spray foam Calgary.

Not mixing the chemicals correctly
Calgary spray foam is formed by combining two chemicals. How well you mix the chemicals will determine how good the foam is. Failing to mix the chemicals correctly may cause the foam to pull away from the neighboring surfaces prematurely and even cause lingering odors as well as health problems to the occupants. When mixing the chemicals, the two chemicals have to be at the right temperature and should be mixed in the right proportions. This is one of the key reasons why you should consider working with experienced spray foam contractors Calgary during before and during installation.

Using the wrong chemicals
Another mistake that is made by homeowners is that of going with the cheapest chemicals on the market. There are so many brands that manufacture the chemicals for SPF. You need to understand that all brands are not the same. Some are better in what they do than others. Therefore, before you purchase any product, pay close attention to the reputation it has garnered. Your choice should not be based on the price but rather on the ability of the product to help you achieve your objectives. Liaise with spray foam contractors Calgary to know which products work best.

Failing to cover the building envelope
For SPF to work effectively in the reduction of heat loss/gain, the entire building envelope has to be covered. The project should always start with the understanding of the building envelope. You also need to identify the weakest spots. Leaving gaps will only pave room for air infiltration. Needless to say, this will be counter effective.

Ignoring the local climate
Another very important thing you need to do is to understand the local climate. This is what will help decide on the right R-value to target. Installers have to account for the temperatures and humidity levels in the area. If vapor barrier is not installed over the SPF in cold climates, for example, it will lead to roof rot.

Failing to work with the experts
Last but not least, you must refrain from handling the project on your own. Working with the experts will help achieve better results and avoid repeat jobs. At the end of the day, when you work with an experienced contractor, you will be able to save both time and money.

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes will help you enjoy the many benefits that come with the installation of polyurethane Calgary. Liaising with the experts will further help you avoid these and more mistakes.

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