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Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Why Spray Foam Contractors in Calgary Seal Your Gaps

Spray foam contractors Calgary

can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills. They achieve this by guaranteeing superior energy efficiency. This is mostly done by sealing gaps in the walls, floors and ceiling/roofing. But how does this really help?

If you have been keen on the statistics on insulation, you may have learnt that approximately 40% of energy loss is due to air infiltration. This takes place through gaps. Heat escapes through unsealed gaps. At end of the day, the HVAC works overtime. This results in high energy bills at the end of the month. The spray foam contractors Calgary seal the gaps to prevent heat loss/gain. There are many reasons why you should contact a spray foam contractor to help seal your house.

Prevent air leaks

The main purpose of sealing gaps in your house is to prevent air infiltration. When this is done, you can expect a saving of up to 20% in monthly energy expenses. The spray foam contractors Calgary have a profound understanding of a building’s envelope and will ensure there is no heat loss or gain by sealing the weak spots.

Spray foam forms an airtight seal. Upon application, the foam expands before solidifying. This helps create air barriers. Most other insulation systems do not offer this benefit.

Moisture control

High moisture in the house can cause damages and even attract pests. High moisture may also cause respiratory health problems. Spray foam acts as a moisture/ vapor barrier. When installed between walls or floors, spray foam will keep moisture from spreading. Spray foam will also protect your property in case of flooding. It is also used in roofing to seal gaps and prevent leaks.

Prevent air contamination

In addition to preventing air leaks, the spray foam contractors Calgary will help prevent air contamination. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses, spray foam will be essential for you. Not only does this solution prevent heat loss/gain, it will also seal the tiniest of gaps through which dust, pollen and other pollutants pass through. Sealing your gaps will improve the quality of air in your house.


If you or your neighbors play loud music or make a lot of noise, sealing gaps with spray foam will help with noise control. Spray foam acts as a cushion that absorbs noise. It can be installed between walls or floors for soundproofing purposes. You can also hire spray foam contractors Calgary to soundproof your home theater, play area or simply to soundproof your entire house so as to reduce noise disturbance from outside.

Pest prevention

Although most people don’t consider spray foam as a pest prevention solution, it works effectively in pest control. It will seal the gaps pests use to crawl into your house and reduce moisture. Moreover, spray foam is a plastic and does not serve as a source of food for the pests.

Contacting spray foam contractors Calgary to seal your gaps will give more benefits than just reducing the heating/ cooling costs. Hire the most experience and reputable contractors you can find.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Which Spray Foam Contractors Calgary Businesses Use

Spray foam contractors Calgary

are the best persons to hire if you plan on handling any project that involves spray foam. As you may already know, spray foam contains chemicals which may be hazardous. You need proper installation equipment to do the work. Knowledge on proper installation is also paramount. Therefore, whether you wish to insulate your building or install spray foam in your trucks, you should always work with a professional installer. Insul-Foam Services is the team of contractors businesses use in Calgary and here is why.

Decades of experience

Insul-Foam Services was formed in 1979. Over the thirty plus years the company has been in business, it has perfected its skills and also garnered an impressive reputation in spray foam insulation. The company works with some of the best spray foam contractors in Calgary. Some of the contractors have been with the company since it was started. The company works with highly qualified personnel who take pride in the quality of work they do. The contractors focus on developing great relationships with customers. In addition to that, having worked on many projects since 1979, Insul-Foam Services is able to take on any insulation project and make it a success.

Proven track record

There is nothing more appeasing than working with a team of spray foam contractors Calgary who have a proven track record. Insul-Foam Services has created a name for itself for having some of the most polite and professional contractors who are highly trained in spray foam application as well as job site safety. With these contractors, there is no project that is too big or customer too small. The contractors keep tight schedules and follow proper working practices. Over the course of more than three decades since the company was formed, Insul-Foam Services has developed long term relationships with many customers who range from individual homeowners to multimillion dollar companies. The spray foam contractors Calgary have earned the trust of even the most demanding clients.

All-under-one-roof services

Having to hire from different companies to complete a single project is both time wasting and stressful. Insul-Foam Services strives to eliminate this practice by offering a wide range of services under one roof. The spray foam contractors Calgary are trained and experienced to spray all types of buildings. In addition to rendering services for the residential and commercial areas, Insul-Foam Services caters to various industrial needs. Representative industrial services include the insulation of skid packages for oil industries, underground water lines, tanks, pipe lines, sea containers, reefer trucks and a range of other services.

Quality insulation products

Insul-Foam Services does not cut corners. The spray foam contractors Calgary are closely monitored for stringent quality control. The company also works with the best R-value spray foam products for the biggest return on investment. The main product suppliers are Demilec and Polyurethane Foam Systmes Inc.

The search for great spray foam contractors Calgary can be hard. The important thing is to focus on the most experienced and reputable service providers. Insul-Foam Services has the contractors that businesses in Calgary use. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Which Spray Foam Contractors Calgary Prefers

Spray foam contractors Calgary

serve a very crucial role in home insulation. They understand the building envelope and know how best to insulate different areas of the house. However, it is a tad taxing to find a great contractor that you can fully count on. Some contractors are out to make money at the expense of unsuspecting homeowners while others are lazy and will cut corners every chance they get. Working with the spray foam contractors that Calgary prefers is the easiest way to escape the traps of ill-minded and incompetent contractors.  Insul-Foam Services has the team of spray foam contractors Calgary that people prefer and here is why.


Insul-Foam Services has been in the business for more than three decades. The company has been serving Calgary and its outskirts since 1979. The spray foam contractors Calgary have a wide variety of experiences in every aspect spray foaming. With Insul-Foam Services, you can expect to find contractors who have been with the company since it started.

Just as they say, with experience comes wisdom; the wisdom to do things in a unique way. Insul-Foam Services has the tools and resources to work on virtually any spray foam project. May it be residential and commercial buildings or underground water lines, the spray foam contractors Calgary have the knowhow and the experience to make your project a success. What is more is that the employees are highly trained, polite and professional.

Insul-Foam Services contractors follow proper working practices and keep strict schedules. No customer is deemed too big or too small.

Wide range of services

Insul-Foam Services has garnered great reputation in a range of fields. In addition to being experts in home and commercial building insulation, the spray foam contractors Calgary have experience in oilfield applications and other industrial applications. The company offers various conventional and unconventional uses of polyurethane foam.

For residential and commercial applications, the spray foam contractors Calgary will help you seal out pollen and dust, noticeably lower your monthly utility bills, seal gaps, cracks and voids, reinforce both your roof and walls while at the same time ensure you meet all the building code requirements.

Another unique service offered is that on cargo and cube vans insulation. The contractors spray foam work and cargo related vehicles. Van insulation allows for easier transportation of cargo that is temperature sensitive. An insulated van will retain heat for longer and is also quieter and more comfortable. Adding spray foam to the bottom of an RV can also protect against pests and increase the R-value on the floor.

Insul-Foam Services also offers containment systems which provide spill safety and containment of chemicals thereby preventing leakage and environmental contamination. This is done using polyurea elastomeric linings which are excellent for immersion services.

When searching for reliable spray foam contractors Calgary, you need to focus on experience, reputation and range of services offered. Insul-Foam Services meets these requirements and will cater to residential, commercial and industrial insulation needs.

Work with a team that has a proven track record. Contact Insul-Foam Services today for more information or for a quote.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary – Spray Foam Contractors Insulate House

Spray foam contractors Calgary

make your house more energy efficient. This is achieved by ensuring there is no energy loss by either conduction or air leak. They achieve this by paying attention to your building’s envelope during insulation. But how exactly do these contractors insulate your house?

Energy efficient

Air leaks account to about 40% of the energy loss. This happens through the floors, walls and roof. Air can leak through tiny spaces which could be cracks in the wall or gaps in the roof. The work of the spray foam contractors Calgary is first to identify these spots and install spray foam, in the right amount, to seal these gaps. At the end of the day, proper spray foam installation will save you 30 to 50% on your monthly utility bills.

Spray foam creates an air-tight seal. This will help keep the oppressive summer heat and the humidity out of your home. Reduced air infiltration also allows your HVAC contractor to downsize your equipment substantially. Your air conditioning system will not need to work overtime to purify the air or maintain a favorable temperature. The spray foam contractors Calgary will reduce the load on your HVAC. This results in reduced heating and cooling expenses.


Spray foam contractors Calgary will not only help you cut down on heating and cooling costs but also make the house quieter. Spray foam solidifies into a firm solid which works as a sound cushion. As a result, the system can be used to calm plumbing noise, noise from your teenage son’s room, noise from the road and so on. Soundproofing is one of the most admirable properties of spray foam. Spray foam contractors Calgary can be hired for sound dampening in the home theaters, playrooms, bathrooms, master bedrooms, laundry rooms or between floors.


Spray foam creates airtight seals. What this means is that pollutants will no longer be a nuisance. In addition to that, the material delivers advanced moisture management solution. It forms an air seal that minimizes the movement of air and accompanying moisture. By minimizing moisture movement through the house and from outside, the solution will prevent condensation and also reduce the potential of mold growth.

You can hire spray foam contractors Calgary to help with moisture control as well as to prevent allergens, dust and other pollutants from getting into your living space. This is advisable for the most toxic part of the house; the garage. The services of the contractors will also come in handy if you have members of the family who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

Always remember that having your house insulated with spray foam is not an automatic winner. It is how well the insulation has been installed that matters. Do not be tempted to do the work on your own. Hire a professional. The role of spray foam contractors Calgary is important in modern living. Make sure you hire the best team in the industry to help with insulation. Look at the experience and reputation of a service provider before hiring.

Spray Foam Contractors Calgary