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Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Calgary Offers More Energy Efficiency for the High-Performing Buildings


Spray foam Calgary


offers the best investment for building owners; both residential and commercial property owners. While considering cold winters and hot summers will always come and go each year, getting an insulation system that works for you and one that is durable and cost effective is a worthwhile investment. There is no better investment than spray foam.

Benefits property owners want

When compared to other insulation systems such as fiberglass, spray foam Calgary offers the benefits property owners want to see. Some of the benefits you can expect to see include the following:

  1. Energy efficiency and cost saving

Spray foam is very effective in keeping the outside air out and reserving the air inside the house. This means less energy loss/gain. The system will seal the cracks, joints, seams and other gaps. Considering it is applied as foam, it can be installed in areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing and in tiny crawlspaces. After solidifying, it creates an airtight seal. This results in less energy loss/gain.

Reduced energy loss/gain translates to reduced strain on the HVAC. The immediate benefit of this is the reduced cost of heating and cooling. This also means an increase in the longevity of your HVAC and more saving because you will not deal with HVAC repairs as often.

  1. Comfort and quiet

Homeowners want to be comfortable in their own home. Spray foam Calgary offers more comfort and this is not only in relation to temperature. It makes the house more comfortable by preventing drafts. This leads in better control of indoor temperature.

In addition to energy control, when used on internal walls, spray foam can help minimize sounds that are transmitted through the walls. This can make the house quieter. In addition to that, bearing in mind spray foam creates airtight seals, it will keep allergens out. This will make the house more comfortable to persons who suffer from allergies and also improve the quality of air in the room.

  1. Improved indoor environment

Spray foam will serve as a vapor and water barrier. This will help prevent condensation as well as water intrusion. The use of spray foam will provide better moisture control. This will subsequently impede the growth of mold and other organisms. In addition to that, spray foam will keep pests out. This is because it seals off the cracks and does not serve as a source of food for the pests.

  1. Structural strength

Another remarkable benefit you get from spray foam is improved structural strength. The system will increase the roof’s resistance to wind uplifts and strengthen the walls. The spray foam will also prevent leakage and discourage the growth of mold. This helps prevent structural damage.

Installation tip

The best tip you can get regarding the installation of spray foam Calgaryis to work with a professional contractor. Such a contractor will educate you regarding the installation process and options. A professional will further have the resources to ensure a safe and effective installation. Choose certified contractors.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Calgary Can Help Make Your Buildings Stronger and More Durable


Spray foam Calgary


benefits include prominent R-value addition, energy use reduction, sustainability and enhanced wind uplift resistance. These are just some of the many benefits this solution offers. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the system is only as good as the contractor installing it. With proper installation, spray foam will make your building stronger and more durable.

Strengthening Homes

Most people apply closed-cell spray foam Calgary to the interior side of their roof to improve insulation. What most people don’t understand is that doing this further increases the building’s resistance to wind uplift. This happens in severe storms where strong winds can lift off the roof.

In 2007, the University of Florida conducted a study that found that applying closed-cell spray foam under the roof decks will provide up to three times more resistance to uplift from strong winds. Studies done in 1992, 1996 and 2007 also found that applying the spray foam to the wall cavities increases racking strength. This is more resistance to horizontal forces such as high winds.

Still on strengthening your home, closed-cell spray foam will increase resistance to water damage. Because closed-cell spray foam Calgary can be cleaned and dried, it has been classified as an insulation material that can resist flood damage by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The unique properties of spray foam also provide better moisture control. By so doing, the insulation system will prevent the growth of mold and algae.

Make the Roofs More Durable

Whether it is a flat or low-sloped roof, closed-cell spray foam Calgarywill conform and adhere to the surfaces it is sprayed on. When applied to the substrate, the foam is seamless and will serve as its own flashing over the joints. This can eliminate the ability of water to seep through the seams and fasteners. Moreover, spray foam can be applied in an inclined manner to allow water to drain off easily.

After Hurricane Katrina in Pascagoula, the National Institute of Standard and Technology examined buildings that were affected. They found buildings that used spray foam in their roof systems performed exceptionally better than those that did not use spray foam. The spray foam kept the roofs intact and kept moisture from getting in the building. The foam also protected the roofs from debris and hails.

Spray foam Calgary is a remarkable insulating material that not only prevents energy loss but also reinforces your building. All this is achieved because of its unique properties. For starters, during application, the foam expands before solidifying. This helps seal all gaps even in hard to insulate areas. Another remarkable feature is that spray foam is waterproof and creates an airtight seal. These features offer a number of benefits among them inhibiting the growth of mold, soundproofing the house and also preventing pests from crawling in.

There are innumerable benefits associated with spray foam. However, as aforementioned, to enjoy all the benefits, you have to work with an experienced installer. Improper installation will rob you of the benefits.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Allows Building Owners to Achieve Greater Longevity and Sustainability


Spray foam Calgary


applications is on the rise. It is being used in both residential and nonresidential sectors often for reroofing and upgrading the insulation of existing buildings. While it may seem like a new product, spray foam has been around for more than three decades now. However, its popularity has been growing steadily and is now at its peak as more people grasp its potential to improving interior comfort, energy efficiency as well as durability.

Why the rise in popularity

In North America, the increase in demand for spray foam insulation has increased both in new constructions and in retrofit applications. In new buildings, published construction documents show that building teams are opting for spray foam over other insulation systems. The LEED certification is further pushing architects, developers and contractors to use spray foam Calgaryin walls and the building envelope and the roof. This is because spray foam has many great attributes top on the list being air sealing, thermal performance and structural performance. Spray foam is no longer a niche product but a mainstream product.

Another thing that has boosted the popularity of spray foam Calgaryis the introduction of the renewable-based spray foam products. These products reduce the need for the polyols that are petroleum based. This has had the most significant impact on commercial applications.

Can be combined with other types of insulation

Spray foam has a considerably high R-value. The R-value ranges from 3.5 to 7.0 per inch of thickness. This is pretty high when compared to other insulation systems. However, because the foam is 10 to 15 percent more expensive, it is often used with other products like rigid board insulation to achieve a high R-value. For example, if your target is an R-value of 20 or 30, you can use board stock on the exterior then foam on the interior. This is a great way of reducing or eliminating thermal bridging.

Benefits of using spray foam

The tremendous rise in popularity of spray foam Calgary can be attributed to the many benefits that this product offers. Let us look at the main benefits.

  1. Increased energy efficiency

New buildings are using spray foam while old buildings are being remodeled with spray foam. The reason behind this is the high R-value and the airtight seals this products offers. A high R-value means low heat transfer while airtight seals prevent heat loss/gain through air infiltration. Spray foam excels in this. It will seal the tiniest of cracks and crevices. It can also be used in areas that are difficult to insulate.

  1. Durable

Unlike most other insulation systems, spray foam does not sag or settle. It hardens into a rigid solid that offers superior insulation for the entire life of your building. No need to keep upgrading your insulation.

  1. Structural protection

In addition to preventing heat loss/gain, spray foam Calgary will offer structural benefits. It is waterproof and will hence prevent water damage. This insulation will also increase structural strength as well as inhibit the growth of mold.

There are many more benefits that make spray foam a wise choice in building insulation. The key is to work with a certified professional during installation.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost in 2016


Spray foam Calgary


is an alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. It is preferred for its many benefits which include its ability to be installed in hard to insulate areas. If you are considering spray foam for your new building, the burning question on your mind is probably the cost.

How much does spray foam insulation cost?

To answer this question, you ought to understand that there are a number of factors that influence the cost of spray foam insulation. The first is the type of insulation. Open-cell spray foam, which is less dense and has a lower R-value, will cost you about $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot. Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, will cost you approximately $0.70 to $1 per board foot.

The average cost of having spray foam installed professionally in 2016 is about $1,795. Again, this cost will depend on the type of foam you use, the size of your building, and reputation of the installer among other things. The cost will also vary depending on whether installation is being done on a new or old building.

To understand the actual cost of spray foam Calgary, it is important that you take a look at the main factors that influence the cost:

  1. Spray foam type

As you have seen, the type of spray foam being used will affect the cost of insulation. Closed-cell spray foam is denser, offers better insulation because of its high R-value and also offers structural strength. As a result, it costs more to insulate with closed-cell spray foam than it does to use open-cell spray foam.

Open-cell spray foam does offer a number of benefits too. For starters, it can be used in soundproofing because of its soft and sponge-like texture. It is also ideal for installation in tiny spaces or in sealing tiny cracks and crevices.

  1. Area

This is no brainer. The more the space that needs to be covered, the more material will be used hence the more the installation will cost. The cost of installing spray foam Calgarywill therefore be influenced by the total square feet/area that needs to be covered. Will the entire building be spayed with spray foam or will this cover the new addition to the building?

  1. Labor

You have to account for the labor costs. Spray foam insulation is definitely not a DIY project. You will have to work with a certified professional. This will ensure that the whole building envelope is covered without compromise. Working with a professional will further give you the peace of mind of knowing the best insulation work is being done and that you are not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals due to the lack of proper installation equipment and procedure.

Although the initial installation cost may be a tad high, you should think long-term return on investment. Spray foam Calgary offers superior reduction in energy consumption because of its insulating properties. You will be able to earn back the installation cost within a few months. What is more is that this is a durable solution that does not sag or settle with time. It will serve you for a lifetime.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Energy Conscious Homeowners Choose Spray Foam Calgary


Spray foam Calgary


does not only save you in heating and cooling costs but can also help you qualify for tax rebates, credits as well as other incentives that can help offset most of the renovation expenses. With more people learning of the benefits of this insulation system, it is quickly becoming a favorite to energy conscious homeowners.

Reduces heating and cooling costs

Spray foam Calgaryis a rigid foam plastic that is used for insulation in walls, roofs and attics. It creates airtight seals around the walls, corners, roofs and other contoured surfaces. This reduces energy loss through air leak.

Prevents drafts

Effectively controlling indoor temperature requires that you control air drafts. This is the movement of air from the outside to the inside or vice versa. Spray foam is effective in preventing this problem. It is an effective solution because it can be used in hard to insulate areas such as around plumbing and can also seal the tiniest of cracks and crevices.

Resists heat transfer

Another reason why spray foam Calgaryis a considerable solution is because it inhibits heat transfer. Depending on the type of spray foam being used (closed-cell or open-cell), it has a high R-value that ranges from 3.5 to 7 per inch of thickness. It is hence effective in keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter.

The most remarkable benefit of using spray foam is its ability to create air seals. This prevents air infiltration which may compromise insulation. The high R-value paired with the high resistance to heat transfer and air movement results in a higher thermal performance of the insulation system.

Seals cracks

Air infiltration is the main cause of heat loss. As an energy conscious homeowner, you need to seal off all the cracks and spaces between roof joints and seams. This will lead to reduced energy loss. There is no system that seals these gaps better than spray foam. It creates airtight seals and while it expands after application, it will seal even the gaps that you never knew existed.

Barrier to water and vapor

Condensation and water intrusion can be troubling. Not only will this increase the humidity in your house but may also encourage pests and cause damage to your property. Spray foam will help combat this problem effectively by creating a waterproof barrier.

Keep pollutants out

As you may already know, spray foam Calgarycreates airtight seals. In addition to preventing air infiltration and heat loss or gain, this seal will keep pollutants out. This can be particularly helpful in households with persons who suffer from allergies.

Spray foam Calgary offers many more benefits to homeowners among them improved structural strength. It is also inert once it is cured. The U.S. Environmental Protection agency recommends working with a professional installer. This ensures that the entire envelope of your building is covered. A professional will also use the right protective gear to protect you and your household from the chemicals. Resolve to work with a certified contractor.

Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – What Kind of Spray Foam Calgary Uses

Spray foam Calgary

is used in both residential and commercial buildings to help achieve optimal energy efficiency as well as consistent performance. It gives consistent insulation and its performance does not decline with time as is the case with other systems most of which settle or sag after a few years. Spray foam will serve you for the entire lifetime of your building.

Prior to using spray foam Calgary, it is important to familiarize yourself with the two kinds of spray foams used in residential and commercial buildings. The choice of spray foam will depend on the type of project, climate conditions of an area as well as where it will be applied.

Closed-cell spray foam

Closed-cell spray foam is denser. It is ideal for exterior uses. It can be applied at extremely low temperatures of up to 5 degrees F. The closed-cell spray foam is perfect for continuous insulation. It has a high R-vale of more than 6.0 per inch hence can accommodate high R-value requirements in tiny spaces. The solution also has a lower vapor permeability, it can reject bulk water hence it is ideal for flood prone areas. Closed-cell also has a higher tensile and bond strength. This is the property that makes it possible for spray foam Calgary to add structural strength.

Open-cell spray foam

Open-cell is the second kind of spray foam used in Calgary. It is less dense and has tiny spaces in its structure. It is much cheaper to install. In spite of it having a lower R-value, it is possible to target a higher R-value by applying a thicker layer. All in all, you should note that the R-value can be restricted by space. Other than that, open-cell spray foam Calgary has a lower resource use, permits bi-directional drying and can accommodate long-term creep as well as seasonal movement. It also creates an air and moisture/ vapor barrier. Open-cell spray foam is perfect for interior uses.

Which is best?

Both the closed-cell and open-cell spray foams have unique benefits. They also have certain similarities. They both offer:

  • Insulation and air barriers
  • They are impermeable to vapor
  • Can accommodate seasonal shifting
  • Discourage the growth of mold

When it comes to the differences, closed cell offers more benefits in relation to insulation. It is more effective as a vapor barrier, it can deflect water and contain flooding, and it has a higher R-value of 6 whereas open-cell has a lower R-value of 3.7 per inch. Open cell spray foam is more effective in sound dampening.

The two kinds of spray foam have many uses. They can be used to insulate buildings, trucks and for other industrial uses. However, it is important to note that in some projects, you cannot substitute one with the other.

An experience spray foam contractor will ensure the right kind of spray foam Calgary is used for the best results. Always contract a professional to help with all spray foam projects.

Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – The Limits of Using Spray Foam in Calgary

Spray foam Calgary

is without doubt one of the most reliable insulation solution available on the market today. No other system gives you a lifetime guarantee of reliable insulation in addition to a couple other benefits among them mold, pollutant and moisture control. However, amidst all the benefits, spray foam has a few downsides.

Can’t be installed while people are in the building

Spray foam Calgary is a mixture of two chemicals. Upon contact, the chemicals react to form foam that expands and solidifies into a sturdy solid. During installation, liquid aerosol and vapor are more likely to be present. This can be both a skin and eye hazard upon contact. Additives like blowing agent and catalyst may also escape from the reacting foam.

To prevent hazards, it is imperative that the person installing spray foam Calgary wears proper protective gear. It is also critical that people as well as pets be removed from the room. All in all, the spray foam dries fast. The room can be reoccupied within a short time.

It is not a do-it-yourself solution

With fiberglass and other insulation materials, all you need to do is know how to install the materials and in which areas. This is not the case with spray foam Calgary. You need the right installation tools which include both the protective gear and the installation gun. In addition to that, knowledge on proper installation is paramount. It is recommended that you work with an expert to avoid the following problems.

  1. Spray foam not thick enough

Applying a spray foam Calgary that is not thick enough is a common mistake made by amateurs. The fact that closed cell foam has a higher R-value per inch does not mean applying two to three inches in rooflines will be sufficient. There are energy requirements that ought to be met.  The thickness will also depend on the area being insulated. An expert has the experience and knowledge that guarantees he applies the right amount of spray foam for different areas.

  1. Missing important sites

Air leakage accounts for about 40% of energy loss. To properly insulate the house, it is critical that the installer identifies all the critical areas and sufficiently covers all the air leakage sites. Missing even the smallest of areas can lead to inadequate insulation.

  1. Not understanding the building envelope

Knowing precisely where the building envelopes are essential and this can be challenging. As an amateur, it is easy to miss the critical areas. This is why you have to work with a professional. He will ensure there is no thermal bypass. To prevent heat loss/gain when using spray foam Calgary, every envelope of the building has to be insulated.

Spray foam Calgary can be used on any building. It can be used on commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial and even vans and tracks. However, you must never assume that simply installing spray foam will solve your energy loss/gain problems. It is how well the spray foam has been installed that counts. Work with a professional.

Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Seal Gaps in Your Home with Spray Foam

Spray foam Calgary

is the go-to solution when it comes to home insulation and improvement. Unlike other solutions whose efficacy declines with time, spray foam insulation remains the same for years. In addition to that, the solution offers a number of benefits in addition to insulating a building. It’s properties makes it the perfect insulating system when a homeowner needs to seal gaps.

Just as the name depicts, spray foam is simply foam. It is formed by combining two chemicals whose reaction creates foam which expands before solidifying into a strong solid. These are the key properties that make spray foam Calgary the ultimate solution for sealing gaps. It can be used in areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing and in tight spaces.

Where can spray foam be used to seal gaps?

Most hardware retailers and home improvement centers sell insulating foam sealant products contained in aerosol cans. These products are ideal for small DIY projects. However, if your goal is to insulate your house while at the same time sealing gaps, you have to work with a professional.

The spray foam Calgary can be used to seal gaps in various areas among them:

  • Door and window gaps
  • Vents
  • Baseboards
  • Duct and pipe penetrations
  • Sink plumbing
  • Wall/floor junctions
  • Around plumbing
  • Around electrical boxes

Spray foam Calgary can also be used to seal outdoor gaps such as:

  • Electrical and gas penetrations
  • Wall joints
  • Garage ceiling
  • Around outdoor faucets
  • Around exterior vents
  • Cracks in the walls

Why use spray foam?

After being installed, spray foam adheres to the material it is applied to. This leads to a strong bond which has also been attributed to structural strengthening when spray foam Calgary is used in walls and roof insulation. The foam further forms airtight seals. This means no air leak or water permeability.

The unique characteristics of spray foam bring the following benefits:

  • Prevent air leakage

When compared with other insulating materials, spray foam Calgary has a higher R-value per inch. It also creates airtight seals. Considering 40% of heat loss results from air leakage, spray foam is the best insulation solution for any building.

  • Water/ Vapor barrier

Spray foam is waterproof. In case of flooding, it will keep water/ moisture from spreading to other areas. Spray foam is also easy to clean after flooding. It is the ultimate tool for moisture control. It will seal the cracks and keep water/ moisture from spreading.

  • Mold control

Spray foam is waterproof, airtight and is not a source of food for mold, algae and mildews. It will help with mold control.

  • Pest prevention

Sealing gaps eliminates pathways pests can use to get into the house. In some way, spray foam insulation will help with pest prevention.

  • Reduce pollutants

Spray foam insulation is airtight. Using the material to seal gaps will help keep pollutants out.

There are many reasons why you should use spray foam Calgary to seal gaps and for insulation. The important thing to do is ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and work with the best installation team.

Spray Foam Calgary  

Spray Foam Calgary – Lower Heating Bills with Spray Foam

Spray foam Calgary

offer insulating, air sealing and adhering properties. Although it is the best insulating materials available today, people use spray foam for the many benefits they bring among them added structural strength and waterproofing. All in all, it is important to note that spray foam is the best option for lowering your heating bills.

Prevents air leak

Studies have shown that as much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. This happens through holes, gaps and air leaks. Sealing these leakage sites can lower your high energy bills. The best solution is spray foam Calgary.

Spray foam Calgary performs as both insulation and as an air sealant/ air barrier. It will help close the nooks and crannies that let the air out leading to high energy bills. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, sealing the air leaks and adding insulation can save you up to 20% on monthly energy bills. This is important considering approximately 56% of the energy used in homes goes to heating and cooling.

The HVAC has one of the biggest effects on the utility bills. Spray foam Calgary will help reduce the workload on the HVAC thereby reducing your energy bills.

Used in hard-to-insulate areas

With other insulating systems such as fiberglass, you will have trouble insulating certain areas such as tight crawlspaces. The material is also not an air sealant. Spray foam Calgary is used as an alternative to solve these problems. In addition to being an air sealant, spray foam can be installed in almost any area. You can use it around plumbing, around electrical cables, vents and also in the tiniest of places. Additionally, considering the solution is applied as foam, it is easy to install in the tiny spaces and also in sealing cracks. It can be injected through holes into the floorboards or into the wall.

Added structural strength

Spray foam Calgary can also help lower heating bills by strengthening your structure. As we saw earlier, most of the energy is lost through air leaks. This is because of gaps that may exist on the walls. When you use spray foam, you will be able to seal most of these gaps thereby reducing air leakage. In addition to that, bearing in mind that spray foam adheres to the materials it is installed on, it will add structural strength which can reduce the risk of damages that may cause air leaks. Spray foam will also strengthen the roof by reducing the effects of uplift in adverse weather.

Spray foam Calgary is durable. It does not settle as is the case with other insulating materials. Its insulation properties do not decrease with time. It can serve you for decades. However, for you to lower heating bills, you must ensure that the spray foam is installed properly. Typically, spray foam is not a do-it-yourself solution. You need the right tools, protective gear and knowledge on building envelopes. Always consider working with a professional installer.

Spray Foam Calgary