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Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Calgary Offers More Energy Efficiency for the High-Performing Buildings


Spray foam Calgary


offers the best investment for building owners; both residential and commercial property owners. While considering cold winters and hot summers will always come and go each year, getting an insulation system that works for you and one that is durable and cost effective is a worthwhile investment. There is no better investment than spray foam.

Benefits property owners want

When compared to other insulation systems such as fiberglass, spray foam Calgary offers the benefits property owners want to see. Some of the benefits you can expect to see include the following:

  1. Energy efficiency and cost saving

Spray foam is very effective in keeping the outside air out and reserving the air inside the house. This means less energy loss/gain. The system will seal the cracks, joints, seams and other gaps. Considering it is applied as foam, it can be installed in areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing and in tiny crawlspaces. After solidifying, it creates an airtight seal. This results in less energy loss/gain.

Reduced energy loss/gain translates to reduced strain on the HVAC. The immediate benefit of this is the reduced cost of heating and cooling. This also means an increase in the longevity of your HVAC and more saving because you will not deal with HVAC repairs as often.

  1. Comfort and quiet

Homeowners want to be comfortable in their own home. Spray foam Calgary offers more comfort and this is not only in relation to temperature. It makes the house more comfortable by preventing drafts. This leads in better control of indoor temperature.

In addition to energy control, when used on internal walls, spray foam can help minimize sounds that are transmitted through the walls. This can make the house quieter. In addition to that, bearing in mind spray foam creates airtight seals, it will keep allergens out. This will make the house more comfortable to persons who suffer from allergies and also improve the quality of air in the room.

  1. Improved indoor environment

Spray foam will serve as a vapor and water barrier. This will help prevent condensation as well as water intrusion. The use of spray foam will provide better moisture control. This will subsequently impede the growth of mold and other organisms. In addition to that, spray foam will keep pests out. This is because it seals off the cracks and does not serve as a source of food for the pests.

  1. Structural strength

Another remarkable benefit you get from spray foam is improved structural strength. The system will increase the roof’s resistance to wind uplifts and strengthen the walls. The spray foam will also prevent leakage and discourage the growth of mold. This helps prevent structural damage.

Installation tip

The best tip you can get regarding the installation of spray foam Calgaryis to work with a professional contractor. Such a contractor will educate you regarding the installation process and options. A professional will further have the resources to ensure a safe and effective installation. Choose certified contractors.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Calgary Can Help Make Your Buildings Stronger and More Durable


Spray foam Calgary


benefits include prominent R-value addition, energy use reduction, sustainability and enhanced wind uplift resistance. These are just some of the many benefits this solution offers. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the system is only as good as the contractor installing it. With proper installation, spray foam will make your building stronger and more durable.

Strengthening Homes

Most people apply closed-cell spray foam Calgary to the interior side of their roof to improve insulation. What most people don’t understand is that doing this further increases the building’s resistance to wind uplift. This happens in severe storms where strong winds can lift off the roof.

In 2007, the University of Florida conducted a study that found that applying closed-cell spray foam under the roof decks will provide up to three times more resistance to uplift from strong winds. Studies done in 1992, 1996 and 2007 also found that applying the spray foam to the wall cavities increases racking strength. This is more resistance to horizontal forces such as high winds.

Still on strengthening your home, closed-cell spray foam will increase resistance to water damage. Because closed-cell spray foam Calgary can be cleaned and dried, it has been classified as an insulation material that can resist flood damage by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The unique properties of spray foam also provide better moisture control. By so doing, the insulation system will prevent the growth of mold and algae.

Make the Roofs More Durable

Whether it is a flat or low-sloped roof, closed-cell spray foam Calgarywill conform and adhere to the surfaces it is sprayed on. When applied to the substrate, the foam is seamless and will serve as its own flashing over the joints. This can eliminate the ability of water to seep through the seams and fasteners. Moreover, spray foam can be applied in an inclined manner to allow water to drain off easily.

After Hurricane Katrina in Pascagoula, the National Institute of Standard and Technology examined buildings that were affected. They found buildings that used spray foam in their roof systems performed exceptionally better than those that did not use spray foam. The spray foam kept the roofs intact and kept moisture from getting in the building. The foam also protected the roofs from debris and hails.

Spray foam Calgary is a remarkable insulating material that not only prevents energy loss but also reinforces your building. All this is achieved because of its unique properties. For starters, during application, the foam expands before solidifying. This helps seal all gaps even in hard to insulate areas. Another remarkable feature is that spray foam is waterproof and creates an airtight seal. These features offer a number of benefits among them inhibiting the growth of mold, soundproofing the house and also preventing pests from crawling in.

There are innumerable benefits associated with spray foam. However, as aforementioned, to enjoy all the benefits, you have to work with an experienced installer. Improper installation will rob you of the benefits.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – Spray Foam Allows Building Owners to Achieve Greater Longevity and Sustainability


Spray foam Calgary


applications is on the rise. It is being used in both residential and nonresidential sectors often for reroofing and upgrading the insulation of existing buildings. While it may seem like a new product, spray foam has been around for more than three decades now. However, its popularity has been growing steadily and is now at its peak as more people grasp its potential to improving interior comfort, energy efficiency as well as durability.

Why the rise in popularity

In North America, the increase in demand for spray foam insulation has increased both in new constructions and in retrofit applications. In new buildings, published construction documents show that building teams are opting for spray foam over other insulation systems. The LEED certification is further pushing architects, developers and contractors to use spray foam Calgaryin walls and the building envelope and the roof. This is because spray foam has many great attributes top on the list being air sealing, thermal performance and structural performance. Spray foam is no longer a niche product but a mainstream product.

Another thing that has boosted the popularity of spray foam Calgaryis the introduction of the renewable-based spray foam products. These products reduce the need for the polyols that are petroleum based. This has had the most significant impact on commercial applications.

Can be combined with other types of insulation

Spray foam has a considerably high R-value. The R-value ranges from 3.5 to 7.0 per inch of thickness. This is pretty high when compared to other insulation systems. However, because the foam is 10 to 15 percent more expensive, it is often used with other products like rigid board insulation to achieve a high R-value. For example, if your target is an R-value of 20 or 30, you can use board stock on the exterior then foam on the interior. This is a great way of reducing or eliminating thermal bridging.

Benefits of using spray foam

The tremendous rise in popularity of spray foam Calgary can be attributed to the many benefits that this product offers. Let us look at the main benefits.

  1. Increased energy efficiency

New buildings are using spray foam while old buildings are being remodeled with spray foam. The reason behind this is the high R-value and the airtight seals this products offers. A high R-value means low heat transfer while airtight seals prevent heat loss/gain through air infiltration. Spray foam excels in this. It will seal the tiniest of cracks and crevices. It can also be used in areas that are difficult to insulate.

  1. Durable

Unlike most other insulation systems, spray foam does not sag or settle. It hardens into a rigid solid that offers superior insulation for the entire life of your building. No need to keep upgrading your insulation.

  1. Structural protection

In addition to preventing heat loss/gain, spray foam Calgary will offer structural benefits. It is waterproof and will hence prevent water damage. This insulation will also increase structural strength as well as inhibit the growth of mold.

There are many more benefits that make spray foam a wise choice in building insulation. The key is to work with a certified professional during installation.


Spray Foam Calgary

Spray Foam Calgary – How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost in 2016


Spray foam Calgary


is an alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. It is preferred for its many benefits which include its ability to be installed in hard to insulate areas. If you are considering spray foam for your new building, the burning question on your mind is probably the cost.

How much does spray foam insulation cost?

To answer this question, you ought to understand that there are a number of factors that influence the cost of spray foam insulation. The first is the type of insulation. Open-cell spray foam, which is less dense and has a lower R-value, will cost you about $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot. Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, will cost you approximately $0.70 to $1 per board foot.

The average cost of having spray foam installed professionally in 2016 is about $1,795. Again, this cost will depend on the type of foam you use, the size of your building, and reputation of the installer among other things. The cost will also vary depending on whether installation is being done on a new or old building.

To understand the actual cost of spray foam Calgary, it is important that you take a look at the main factors that influence the cost:

  1. Spray foam type

As you have seen, the type of spray foam being used will affect the cost of insulation. Closed-cell spray foam is denser, offers better insulation because of its high R-value and also offers structural strength. As a result, it costs more to insulate with closed-cell spray foam than it does to use open-cell spray foam.

Open-cell spray foam does offer a number of benefits too. For starters, it can be used in soundproofing because of its soft and sponge-like texture. It is also ideal for installation in tiny spaces or in sealing tiny cracks and crevices.

  1. Area

This is no brainer. The more the space that needs to be covered, the more material will be used hence the more the installation will cost. The cost of installing spray foam Calgarywill therefore be influenced by the total square feet/area that needs to be covered. Will the entire building be spayed with spray foam or will this cover the new addition to the building?

  1. Labor

You have to account for the labor costs. Spray foam insulation is definitely not a DIY project. You will have to work with a certified professional. This will ensure that the whole building envelope is covered without compromise. Working with a professional will further give you the peace of mind of knowing the best insulation work is being done and that you are not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals due to the lack of proper installation equipment and procedure.

Although the initial installation cost may be a tad high, you should think long-term return on investment. Spray foam Calgary offers superior reduction in energy consumption because of its insulating properties. You will be able to earn back the installation cost within a few months. What is more is that this is a durable solution that does not sag or settle with time. It will serve you for a lifetime.


Spray Foam Calgary

Calgary Spray Foam – Structural Strength with Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam

insulation is a perfect choice when compared with other insulation materials such as fiberglass. The benefits of using the spray foam range from improved energy efficiency and soundproofing to better pest prevention and mold control. In addition to that, the solution is more durable in that it does not sag or settle as is the case with other materials. The benefits are innumerable. But did you know the use of spray foam can add structural strength?

Strengthen the roof

Spray foam roofs have been estimated to have a lifespan of up to 30 years. The reason behind this is the fact that upon application, Calgary spray foam will conform and adhere to the surfaces. This leads to the formation of a strong bond which subsequently protects the roof. The layer of spray foam is both self-flashing and seamless. Considering the material is waterproof, it will eliminate the water’s ability to seep through weak spots such as seams and fasteners. In addition to that, Calgary spray foam can be applied in a sloped manner so that water can easily drain off the roof.

Still on roofing, the strong bond that is formed by spray foam will increase the roof’s resistance to wind uplift. This is a common problem during storms. Homeowners that rely on Calgary spray foam experience less damages in periods of high winds than those without spray foam. When added inside the roofing structure, spray foam will glue the entire building together thereby enhancing pressurization and wind resistance.


After insulation, the unique properties of Calgary spray foam offer structural strength in a number of ways. First, the system will protect your structure against floodwater damage. This is according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Spray foam can survive both drying and wetting and can be cleaned successfully after a flood. What this means is less water damage which includes rotting and the growth of mold and mildew. In addition to that, considering the material is waterproof, it will hinder the spread of water to other areas in case of a flood. It will prevent moisture and condensation throughout your building’s envelope.

Closed-cell spray foam solidifies into a strong solid. When applied to the walls, it will not only seal off the cracks and crawlspaces but also add strength to the entire structure. It will increase the durability of the wall system.

Pest prevention

Pests cause immense losses each year. Calgary spray foam can help with pest prevention. It will help control moisture in the house, seal crawlspaces and cracks. This basically makes your house unfriendly to pests. The absence of pests equates to no pest damage to your structure.

Calgary spray foam adds structural strength in many more ways. However, to enjoy great results, you must always work with a professional contractor. When handled poorly, spray foam can be messy and dangerous. You need the right tools to apply the insulation system and also the experience and skills to cover every area. Spray foam is a very powerful insulating tool when properly installed.

Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam – A Spray Foam for Calgary Homes

Calgary spray foam

can be used in both residential and commercial properties. May it be a school, business or home; the system will not only improve insulation but also make it strong and protect the people inside. More and more people are turning to this solution mostly because it can improve a building’s insulation, strength and durability within a few days. This is unlike other insulating materials. But why exactly should you consider the use of spray foam for your home in Calgary?

Improved insulation

The first answer is because of the improved building insulation. When compared with other forms of building insulation, Calgary spray foam offers a number of unique advantages. First, it will eliminate uncontrolled air leakage. The material acts as an air barrier and it can be installed in the tiniest of spaces. It creates airtight seals and will minimize air movement into and out of the building. Considering air leaks account for about 40% of energy loss, spray foam will help cut your heating and cooling costs significantly.

The use of Calgary spray foam will further help you seal seams and cracks. This gives added protection against heat loss/gain. The foam creates a seamless building envelope that will help achieve a comfortable indoor environment. It is also important to note that this material is durable. It does not shrink or settle. It will offer you reliable insulation for the entire life of your structure.

Flood control

Did you know that Calgary spray foam is waterproof? In addition to strengthening the roof against uplifts, spray foam is used in roofing to prevent leaks. When used between the floors, it can keep moisture from the basement or other rooms with high humidity such as the bathroom from spreading to other rooms. In addition to that, spray foam will protect your property in case of flooding. It is impermeable and easy to clean.

Mold control

Mold and mildew can cause structural damage. This is, however, not the case if you use Calgary spray foam. To start with, spray foam has no nutritional value. It will not be a source of food for the mold. The insulation will eliminate condensing surfaces as well as reduce the accumulation of moisture. It also inhibits air movement within wall cavities. It is effective in creating an environment that hinders the growth of mold.

Pest prevention

Pests get in the house through crawlspaces and cracks. They also require moisture and a food source. Calgary spray foam will seal the cracks and crawlspaces and furthermore eliminate moisture and food sources that may lure pests in.

Added structural strength

Last but not least, the use of Calgary spray foam will strengthen your structure. The material is highly resistant to floodwater damage and will effectively create a strong bond that adds strength to the walls and increases your roof’s resistance to wind uplift.

Regardless of the type of house you own, Calgary spray foam is the ultimate insulation option for you. It improves your building’s envelope by ensuring the insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier work together to achieve a stable environment. You will, however, need a professional for the installation.

Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam – Sealing Your House with Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam

redefines traditional construction methods. It facilitates energy efficient green building initiatives of modern building science. Today, it is the most robust material used in insulating industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Spray foam outperforms fiberglass insulation when it comes to sealing your house.

Prevent heat loss and gain

Calgary spray foam prevents heat loss/gain in two ways. The first is by preventing air leakage. Air leakage is the main cause of heat loss/gain. It accounts for more than 30% of a home’s cooling and heating costs. This is according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Spray foam offers airtight insulation. Second, the material is a poor heat conductor. It will prevent the loss/gain of heat through conduction. Spray foam offers more thermal resistance. It has an R-value of about 6.0 per inch. It offers more resistance with less material than other insulation materials.

Prevent air and moisture infiltration

Traditional insulating materials such as fiberglass are simply placed into the wall cavities to reduce energy loss. They don’t seal the wall cavities and studs from top to bottom or end to end. Air can easily go through the gaps. This makes them less efficient than Calgary spray foam. When installed, spray foam expands and adheres to the substrate on which it is installed to. It then solidifies to create an air and leak proof barrier. The insulation will seal your house by preventing both air leak and moisture infiltration. Moisture infiltration is a major cause of mildew growth and mold; all of which can lead to structure damage.

Enhance building strength

Closed cell spray foam is known mostly for having robust insulation properties. Its R-values go up to 7.0 per inch. It has a high density which makes it stronger when it solidifies. As a matter of fact, solid closed-cell foam is strong enough to walk on. Consequently, when you use Calgary spray foam in insulation, it will add structural strength. It will keep your walls from sheering and also improve the roof’s resistance to strong winds.

Keep it quiet

Calgary spray foam has soundproofing properties. This is more so when it comes to the open-cell foam. It is soft and spongy. It will hinder sound from travelling between rooms when used on the interior walls. Open-cell foam can also be used between levels in story buildings to prevent sound from travelling through the floors.

Keep the pollen, dust and bugs out

The fact that Calgary spray foam creates airtight barriers means that you don’t have to worry about pollen and dust getting in through cracks. It will also keep the bugs out because it effectively seals off the cracks and crawlspaces.

Calgary spray foam will help you improve occupant comfort, lower your energy bills, protect against ice dams, improve air quality and reduce strain on your HVAC equipment. In addition to that, it will help you meet current building codes. What is more is that the material is durable. It does not sag or settle. It will effectively seal your house years.

Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam – In Calgary spray foam is essential

Calgary spray foam

is essential for comfortable living. Although the city does not experience temperatures that are as extreme as Edmonton, as a homeowner, you need insulation that will offer more than basic insulation. Fiberglass is quickly becoming a thing of the past. New and better insulating materials are being invented. Today, spray foam is definitely one of the best materials you can use. Here are some of the key reasons why it is a necessity.


Located in Southern Alberta, Calgary experiences cold winters. In spite of the fact that the region enjoys sunny weather even in winter, you cannot ignore the fact that there are snow depths of more than 1 cm on about 88 days each year. This is high when compared to Toronto that experiences 65 days of snow. What this simply means is that it can get really cold outside. You need reliable insulation and what option is better than Calgary spray foam?

Studies have found that Calgary spray foam can help reduce energy loss by up to 50%. This can be attributed to the unique characteristics of spray foam. It prevents air leakage, can be used in areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing, and it also seals cracks. This level of insulation guarantees minimal energy loss during winter and energy gain during summer. You will reduce the strain on your HVAC and also reduce your energy costs.

Moisture management

88 days of snow increase the risk of leak. This can happen through the roof or walls as the snow melt. Considering Calgary spray foam can help seal off cracks, this is a problem you don’t have to worry about during winter or on rainy days.

It is also important to note that the spray foam is waterproof. It will efficiently prevent the spread of moisture in case of a leak or flooding. It is hence essential for use around plumbing and in the attic. Moreover, the insulation will inhibit the growth of mold.

Structural reinforcement

When installed, Calgary spray foam will first expand then solidify. This offers two benefits. First, it will guarantee airtight insulation. Second, the expansion and solidification into a strong solid offers structural reinforcement. It makes the walls more rigid and stronger. There is no other insulation material that will offer you these benefits.


Do you live in a noisy neighborhood or do you play loud music and don’t wish to disturb your neighbors? If you answered yes to these questions, then Calgary spray foam will be essential for you. After installation, the spray foam acts as a cushion. It absorbs noise thereby soundproofing your house. In soundproofing, the spray foam has to be installed on the interior walls.

Reduce allergens

Being airtight means no allergens get into your house. The use of spray foam insulation is recommended if you suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Many more reasons make Calgary spray foam essential. However, to enjoy the many benefits that come with this option, you must work with a professional installer. Spray foam installation is not a job for the amateurs.

Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam – Why Calgary spray foam should be applied by professionals

Calgary spray foam

insulation is a great investment for both residential and commercial properties. This is the only solution that will guarantee air-tight insulation, soundproofing, added strength to your structure and easy installation in areas that are difficult to insulate. However, in spite of the many benefits, spray foam must always be applied by a professional.

Proper equipment

Spray foam is a mixture of two components which are combined during installation. Unlike fiberglass and other insulation materials which you can easily install, spray foam requires the use of special equipment. The insulation equipment ensures the accurate combination of the two components in order to form the foam that expands and solidifies to insulate your house. The market is filled with a range of equipment which includes air-driven insulation equipment, electric and hydraulic insulation equipment as well as the portable spray foam.

Still on equipment, you will need the right protection gear when installing Calgary spray foam. Before solidification, the chemicals can be harmful. Investing in these expensive pieces of equipment for a one time job is illogical hence the importance of working with a professional.

Proper thickness

There are two types of spray foam; open cell and closed cell. The two can be used individually or in combination to reinforce each other. A professional Calgary spray foam installer will know which type of spray foam is ideal for a particular project. For example, open cell foam insulation is ideal for interior walls and in sealing tiny gaps. Closed cell foam insulation, which is denser, is often used in outdoor applications such as roofing projects.

In addition to using the right type of spray foam, a trained professional will know the ideal thickness to use based on the energy code requirements. Using spray foam that is not thick enough is the most common and grievous mistake that amateur Calgary spray foam installers make.

Focus on problem areas

Air leakage is the main cause of energy loss in a house. Spray foam prevents air leakage but if some of the air leak sites are missed, you will still find yourself paying more in heating costs. A professional installer, who has experience in the business, will seal the envelope completely. The expert can further tests for leaks using a fog machine.

Understand the building envelopes

It’s not easy to see where the building envelopes in most modern houses. You need a trained eye for this. If the installer misses these areas, the effects of thermal bypass and air leak will be a nuisance. All the building envelopes have to be insulated to avoid excess heat gain/loss.

Adheres to building codes

Last but not least, you should work with a Calgary Spray Foam installer because he is licensed. This means he adheres to the building and energy code requirements. You don’t have to worry about cases with the authorities or difficulty selling your house later on.

Insulating your house with spray foam does not automatically make a winner. It is how well the insulation has been installed that matters.

Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam – Calgary Spray Foam Insulation

Calgary spray foam insulation

is gaining more popularity by the day. But why should you choose it? When you come to think about it, choosing the best insulation material for your house can be a tad intimidating. Your options range from mineral wool and cellulose to fiberglass and polystyrene. Every option has its pros and cons. However, before making a decision, you have to focus more on the R-value per inch and insulation properties. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate alternative to traditional building insulation. The many benefits it offers are what have made spray foam insulation more popular.

What is it?

Spray foam is basically a two component mixture made up of polyol resin and isocyanate. During installation, the two come into contact at the tip of the installation gun to form a form that expands before solidifying. Calgary spray foam can be sprayed on concrete slabs, roof tiles, and wall cavities or through holes. The material is favored mostly because it has a high R-value of over 6.0 per inch and can be used on areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing or tight crawlspaces.


The benefits of spray foam insulation are innumerable. The main ones include a reduction in energy loss, structure reinforcement, and soundproofing and moisture management.

  • Reduces energy loss by up to 50%

As an insulating material, spray foam does not leave gaps. It hence prevents air leakage. The foam can also be installed in areas that seem impossible to insulate such as around plumbing and in tiny crawl spaces. The solution will also seal cracks to guarantee insignificant energy loss. Statistically speaking, Calgary spray foam will not only prevent the growth of mold but also reduce energy loss by up to 50%.

  • Structure reinforcement

Spray foam solidifies to form a dense and strong solid. This will add strength to your structure. It is one of the few insulating materials that will make your walls more rigid and stronger.

  • Soundproofing

Upon installation, spray foam acts as a cushion that reduces noise. It works best when installed on the interior walls.

  • Moisture management

Calgary spray foam insulation is further preferred because it is waterproof. It will inhibit the spread of moisture thereby reducing water damage. This makes it the perfect insulating material for the attic and around plumbing.


On the flipside, spray foam insulation is not without some drawbacks. The main pitfall is the fact that the upfront cost of installation is higher than that of conventional insulation. However, you will be able to recoup the cost within months because of the energy saving benefits. Another downside is the simple fact that you cannot install spray foam on your own. You have to hire professional help.

All things considered, Calgary spray foam insulation is definitely one of the best investments you can make. The solution will save your energy operating costs, add structural strength, reduce moisture and air infiltration, reduce allergens, soundproof your house, and reduce HVAC capacity requirements. What is more is that it is durable. Spray foam insulation will not settle or sag. Its R-values will remain stable for years.

Calgary spray foam insulation