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Calgary Spray Foam – Why Calgary spray foam should be applied by professionals

Calgary spray foam

insulation is a great investment for both residential and commercial properties. This is the only solution that will guarantee air-tight insulation, soundproofing, added strength to your structure and easy installation in areas that are difficult to insulate. However, in spite of the many benefits, spray foam must always be applied by a professional.

Proper equipment

Spray foam is a mixture of two components which are combined during installation. Unlike fiberglass and other insulation materials which you can easily install, spray foam requires the use of special equipment. The insulation equipment ensures the accurate combination of the two components in order to form the foam that expands and solidifies to insulate your house. The market is filled with a range of equipment which includes air-driven insulation equipment, electric and hydraulic insulation equipment as well as the portable spray foam.

Still on equipment, you will need the right protection gear when installing Calgary spray foam. Before solidification, the chemicals can be harmful. Investing in these expensive pieces of equipment for a one time job is illogical hence the importance of working with a professional.

Proper thickness

There are two types of spray foam; open cell and closed cell. The two can be used individually or in combination to reinforce each other. A professional Calgary spray foam installer will know which type of spray foam is ideal for a particular project. For example, open cell foam insulation is ideal for interior walls and in sealing tiny gaps. Closed cell foam insulation, which is denser, is often used in outdoor applications such as roofing projects.

In addition to using the right type of spray foam, a trained professional will know the ideal thickness to use based on the energy code requirements. Using spray foam that is not thick enough is the most common and grievous mistake that amateur Calgary spray foam installers make.

Focus on problem areas

Air leakage is the main cause of energy loss in a house. Spray foam prevents air leakage but if some of the air leak sites are missed, you will still find yourself paying more in heating costs. A professional installer, who has experience in the business, will seal the envelope completely. The expert can further tests for leaks using a fog machine.

Understand the building envelopes

It’s not easy to see where the building envelopes in most modern houses. You need a trained eye for this. If the installer misses these areas, the effects of thermal bypass and air leak will be a nuisance. All the building envelopes have to be insulated to avoid excess heat gain/loss.

Adheres to building codes

Last but not least, you should work with a Calgary Spray Foam installer because he is licensed. This means he adheres to the building and energy code requirements. You don’t have to worry about cases with the authorities or difficulty selling your house later on.

Insulating your house with spray foam does not automatically make a winner. It is how well the insulation has been installed that matters.

Calgary Spray Foam