Calgary spray foam – Why Apply Calgary Spray Foam Directly under the Roof

Calgary spray foam solves more problems than air infiltration. When used properly, this insulation material will keep allergens out of the house, offer soundproofing benefits, solve moisture problems and offer so much more. However, for you to enjoy all these benefits, it is important that you work with the most competent contractor and ensure that the solution is installed properly. In this post, we shall be looking at some of the top reasons why is a great idea to install SPF directly on the underside of the roof.

Prevent heat loss
The most obvious reason is to prevent air infiltration. Air infiltration accounts for about 40% of energy loss in a building. This happens when the air from outside leaks in and the air from inside leaks out. This is the main cause of high energy bills in homes. Experienced spray foam contractors in Calgary will make sure that all the leak spots under the roof are sealed. This will ensure no air infiltration or heat transfer. This will definitely reduce the load on your HVAC and lower your monthly energy bills.

Prevent wind uplifts
When it is applied, spray foam in Calgary adheres strongly to the surfaces it has been applied on. It then hardens into a rigid solid that does not sag or settle over the years. These are the qualities that make SPF so effective in preventing wind uplifts. This is important if you reside in areas prone to high winds. This is one of the ways in which closed cell spray foam adds structural strength to a building.

Prevent leaks
Leaks are a major problem. When they are not fixed in time, they may end up causing significant structural damages which range from rot to rust to the growth of mold/fungi. The use of polyurethane in Calgary can help solve this problem. This is more so when considering the simple fact that closed cell spray foam is vapor and waterproof. This means that in case of a leak, the insulation will keep the water from passing through to wooden structures. It will improve the integrity of the roofing system.

Prevent the chimney effect
The chimney effect will pull moist air from the crawl spaces and basements and into the attic. This leads to a moisture load. The effect will further cause condensation at night on the roof. This is a problem that can be solved by insulating the house with spray foam. Contact reliable spray foam contractors in Calgary to help with this issue.

Prevent pest problems
Pest issues are a menace. This is more so when you consider the many problems that these creatures can cause. Pests get into your home by crawling through tiny spaces that lead to your house. With the help of Calgary spray foam, you can be able to reduce the pest menace. The insulation creates airtight seals and seals off all the cracks and gaps through the walls and roof. What is more is that SPF is not a source of food for the pests.

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