Calgary Spray Foam – What are the Difference between Calgary Spray Foam and Standard Insulation?

Calgary spray foam continues to be the most favored choice when it comes to home insulation. This is not just because it can be installed virtually anywhere but mostly because of the remarkable benefits it guarantees the homeowner. In this post, we will be examining the differences between spray foam Calgary and standard insulation.

All rounded insulation
There are so many options you can use today when it comes to insulation. The problem is most of them lack in one way or another. For the case of fiberglass butts, the solution will be excellent until air infiltration becomes a problem. This is not the case with polyurethane Calgary. This is a perfect choice because it offers all-rounded insulation.

SPF not only has a high R-value of more than 6.0 per inch of thickness but it also creates airtight seals. Air infiltration is the number one cause of energy loss. Spray foam will help combat this issue. Studies have shown that the use of spray foam Calgary will help bring down the conditioning/heating costs by ana amazing 60%.

Improved air quality
As aforementioned, the use of Calgary spray foam guarantees that you never have to deal with air infiltration. This will help reduce heat loss. In addition to that, the creation of airtight seals helps keep allergens out of the house. The polluted air will not be able to seep through into your house. This means that spray foam contractors Calgary will help reduce allergy and asthma attacks.

Needless to say, this is not a benefit you will get from the likes of fiberglass butts. Fiberglass butts don’t create airtight seals. This means the polluted air will move easily into your living space. What is more is that fiberglass sags and settles after some time. It will also release particles into the air. These particles will definitely cause pollution. SPF, on the other hand, does not settle or sag. It maintains its rigid condition for decades. It has a lifespan of more than 30 years.

Spray foam will not support or spread flames
In the event of a fire, most insulation materials will act as accelerants. This is not the case with spray foam Calgary. Once the material cures, it becomes inert. It does not offer a source of food for pests or mold and will also not support or even spread flames.

Improves structural strength
When installed, Calgary spray foam will add structural strength. It will help reduce the risk of wind uplifts when it is installed under the roof. In addition to that, it will reinforce the walls when it solidifies into a rigid solid. What is more is that it will prevent the spread of flood water thus preventing rust and rot that may cause structural problems.

There are so many ways in which polyurethane Calgary excels over other solutions. All that is needed is for you to contact the right team of spray foam contractors Calgary to help with the installation. The installation of SPF is not something you can do by yourself.

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