Calgary Spray Foam – Tips to Help You Prepare for Calgary Spray Foam Installation

Calgary spray foam is the most sought after solution in the insulation of both commercial and residential buildings. The solution is also used in the insulation of trucks. The reason for the popularity is because the foam offers a range of benefits that other solutions don’t offer. For example, it is durable with a lifespan that exceeds 30 years; it does not sag or settle; it offers waterproofing properties and creates airtight seals. All in all, for you to enjoy the many benefits that come with spray foam in Calgary, it is imperative that you prepare accordingly for the installation.

Complete other installations and repairs
The first thing you need to understand about polyurethane in Calgary is that once it cures, it can be very hard to remove. This is unlike fiberglass butts that you can simply take out and replace. Removing spray foam is a process. Good spray foam contractors in Calgary make sure that they do the job right so that they never have to remove it. With that in mind, before the installation begins, make sure that all other installations have been completed as well as repairs. This means the HVAC, electrical and plumbing work needs to be complete before you start installing the foam.

Remove the old insulations
Even though it is possible to install spray foam in Calgary over your old insulation, it is always wise to remove it first. SPF needs a clean surface in order for it to adhere strongly. This means in addition to handling the repairs, you need to take time to remove old insulations. Always remember that the goal is always to prevent improper installations that may require you to remove the foam.

Understand the building envelope
If you don’t cover the entire building envelope, the insulation will not be as great. This is why if you will not be using professional spray foam contractors in Calgary, you need to take time understanding the building envelope. Every area needs to be covered in order to prevent heat loss through air infiltration or conduction.

Decide on the R-value
One of the reasons why people go with Calgary spray foam is because of its high R-value. Closed cell spray foam has an R-value of up to 7.0. This means you don’t need to use too much material to achieve the desired R-value. Before you get started with the installations, you need to understand the building codes on matters relating to the R-value.

Ensure the room is accessible
You need to keep in mind that the installer will be dragging a hose that is about 3 inches in diameter around the installation site. This means you need to make sure there is enough room for him to pass through. Start by making sure nobody is in the building before the work starts. This will prevent health hazards. Second, make sure the target sites are easy to access.

These are the key things you need to consider when preparing for the installation of spray foam in Calgary. Never cut corners. If you are no sure of what is needed, hire a professional installer to help with the project.

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