Calgary Spray Foam – Tips to Help Pick the Best Type of Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam can make your house stronger, quieter, with less pathogen in the air and also keep your energy bills low. All you need to do is install the SPF properly. You should also note that special equipment will be needed during the installation and that removing cured SPF can be quite hectic. In addition to that, when working with spray foam, you have to ensure that you are using the right type else the results you get will not be as good. In this post, we will be discussing the two types of spray foam with the aim of helping you pick the right one for your project needs.

Open cell
This is the first type of spray foam Calgary. Most people go for this type because it costs less, it is impermeable to air and it is quite effective in soundproofing. The downside, however, is that the solution is permeable to moisture. This means it will not do a lot in creating water barriers. In addition to that, open cell SPF has a low R-value of 3.0 per inch of thickness. This means that its thermal resistance is low. It is not very effective in reducing heat transfer.

If you must use open cell polyurethane Calgary, you need to start by making sure that creating water barriers is not a priority and that there are spaces deep enough to accommodate the many layers of SPF that you need to achieve a desired R-value. The cost of open cell spray foam is about $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot.

Closed cell
This is the second type of SPF and one of the most recommended option by spray foam contractors Calgary. Closed cell performs better than all other insulations mostly because of its high R-value of more than 6.0 per inch of thickness. The solution is also impervious to moisture and acts as an effective vapor retarder. It also serves as a remarkable air barrier.

In addition to that, because closed cell is denser, it helps add structural strength. It can strengthen your walls and can be used under the roof to prevent wind uplifts. The only disadvantage with this material is the fact that it requires a significant initial investment. What is more is that unlike open cell which uses benign blowing agent (water), the blowing agent used with closed cell SPF has a high global warming potential. The cost of working with closed cell SPF is between $0.7 and $1 per board foot.

Your choice of Calgary spray foam type will depend mostly on your project needs and your budget. It is also important to note that the costs of installing SPF are subject to myriad factors. Only your spray foam contractor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the total cost of insulation.

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