Calgary Spray Foam – Tips for Getting Calgary Spray Foam Installation Right

Calgary spray foam is the ultimate solution for people looking to reduce energy loss/gain in their buildings. The solution can also be used in refrigerated trucks. The problem is that this solution is only as good as how well it has been installed. If the installer does not cover building envelope or if he doesn’t install the right thickness, there will still be energy loss/gain. In this post, we will be looking at some of the crucial things you need to do to achieve better results in SPF installation.

Understand the two types
The first thing you need to do before you start working with spray foam in Calgary is to understand the two types: open cell and closed cell. You need to know where each type can be used and where it will not be ideal. Second, you have to learn how the type needs to be installed.

If you confuse the R-value of open cell with that of closed-cell, there is a good chance that the results you will end up getting will not be as reliable. Open cell spray foam has a lower R-value which can be as low as 3.5 per inch of thickness. Second, if you install open cell in the wrong place, such as the outer walls, the results will be short-lived. You have to understand the requirements of each option before you get down to work. Open cell spray foam is ideal for soundproofing whereas closed-cell spray foam is perfect for adding structural strength, waterproofing and insulation.

Ensure the ratio is right
Polyurethane in Calgary is installed by combining two chemicals. It is the reaction of the chemicals that form the foam. However, for the resultant foam to offer the best results in insulation, it is imperative that the two chemicals be mixed in the right ratio. Being off ratio can lead to poor foam quality as well as toxicity problems. There are so many variables that have to be considered. If you are not sure of what you are doing, get the help of spray foam contractors in Calgary. They will keep you from making costly mistakes.

Pay attention to the lift thickness
Once the layer has been sprayed, as it foams, it will become thicker. It is important that you pay attention to the lift of individual layers. Failure to do this may lead to structural damages that result from unexpected high lifts. It is also important to note that when the lift is too thick, it can lead to more head generation which can lead to decomposition or even ignition.

Work with an experienced contractor
The best tip you can get when working with spray foam is to work with competent spray foam contractors in Calgary. They have more knowledge on spray foams and will ensure that you get the best result without putting your health or property integrity at risk.

These points are crucial when considering the installation of Calgary spray foam. They will help you get better results during spray foam installation.

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