Calgary Spray Foam – The Magic of Calgary Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam in Calgary continues to amass immense popularity. More homeowners are coming to terms with the fact that the solution is truly reliable in insulation and that the information they find is not exaggerated. If you are still torn between using SPF and another solution, looking at the magic of this solution could help change your mind.

Saves money and energy
The first thing you will notice with Calgary spray foam is that it will help you save money. Yes the initial installation may be high but the overall savings are significant. This is achieved thanks to spray foams effectiveness in preventing energy loss. It has a high R-value which helps prevent heat transfer. What is more is that the solution will create airtight seals that help prevent air infiltration. The average savings after installing polyurethane foam are in the excess of 30%. This is more saving than any other solution currently available on the market.

Keeps the house quiet
Another remarkable benefit of using polyurethane in Calgary is that it will make your house quieter. For this to be achieved, you need to work with open cell spray foam which should be used on the interior walls. This foam is ‘spongy’, a trait that helps absorb noise from outside. Spray foam will help with sound-deadening. It prevents sound from travelling between the walls. The foam can also be installed between levels in the multi-story buildings to prevent sound from travelling through the floors.

Reduces moisture and mold
If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then you know how bad mold can be. In addition to tarnishing the look of your home, the growth of mold will lead to a range of health problems. This is particularly so when the mold spores get into the house. To control mold, you need to start with moisture control. Spray foam has waterproofing properties. The spray foam contractors in Calgary will ensure that moisture does not get into your home thereby reducing problems that may lead to the growth of fungi. Air tight seals will further reduce condensation.

Adds structural strength
Another great thing about Calgary spray foam is that it will enhance your building’s strength. Closed cell spray foam has robust insulation properties with a high R-value of up to 7.0 per inch. This is because of the high density of the solution. Once it cures, it is rigid enough to walk on. These are properties that enable the solution to strengthen the walls on which it is installed.

Prevents windup lifts
Spray foam in Calgary adheres strongly to the surfaces it is applied on. This helps strengthen the structures and will further prevent uplift when applied under the roof deck. The robust bond it creates helps prevent uplift in the event of high-wind storms.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect to find after the installation of polyurethane. The important thing you need to do is to hire reliable spray foam contractors in Calgary. Not every contractor out there is worth working with.

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