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Calgary Spray Foam – Structural Strength with Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam

insulation is a perfect choice when compared with other insulation materials such as fiberglass. The benefits of using the spray foam range from improved energy efficiency and soundproofing to better pest prevention and mold control. In addition to that, the solution is more durable in that it does not sag or settle as is the case with other materials. The benefits are innumerable. But did you know the use of spray foam can add structural strength?

Strengthen the roof

Spray foam roofs have been estimated to have a lifespan of up to 30 years. The reason behind this is the fact that upon application, Calgary spray foam will conform and adhere to the surfaces. This leads to the formation of a strong bond which subsequently protects the roof. The layer of spray foam is both self-flashing and seamless. Considering the material is waterproof, it will eliminate the water’s ability to seep through weak spots such as seams and fasteners. In addition to that, Calgary spray foam can be applied in a sloped manner so that water can easily drain off the roof.

Still on roofing, the strong bond that is formed by spray foam will increase the roof’s resistance to wind uplift. This is a common problem during storms. Homeowners that rely on Calgary spray foam experience less damages in periods of high winds than those without spray foam. When added inside the roofing structure, spray foam will glue the entire building together thereby enhancing pressurization and wind resistance.


After insulation, the unique properties of Calgary spray foam offer structural strength in a number of ways. First, the system will protect your structure against floodwater damage. This is according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Spray foam can survive both drying and wetting and can be cleaned successfully after a flood. What this means is less water damage which includes rotting and the growth of mold and mildew. In addition to that, considering the material is waterproof, it will hinder the spread of water to other areas in case of a flood. It will prevent moisture and condensation throughout your building’s envelope.

Closed-cell spray foam solidifies into a strong solid. When applied to the walls, it will not only seal off the cracks and crawlspaces but also add strength to the entire structure. It will increase the durability of the wall system.

Pest prevention

Pests cause immense losses each year. Calgary spray foam can help with pest prevention. It will help control moisture in the house, seal crawlspaces and cracks. This basically makes your house unfriendly to pests. The absence of pests equates to no pest damage to your structure.

Calgary spray foam adds structural strength in many more ways. However, to enjoy great results, you must always work with a professional contractor. When handled poorly, spray foam can be messy and dangerous. You need the right tools to apply the insulation system and also the experience and skills to cover every area. Spray foam is a very powerful insulating tool when properly installed.

Calgary Spray Foam