Calgary Spray Foam – Reasons to Use Calgary Spray Foam Insulation

Calgary spray foam has many uses. It is used on transport trucks for insulation purposes, can be used under the roof to add structural integrity and can be used on interior walls for soundproofing. There are many more ways that people use SPF. However, if you are having second thoughts about using spray foam, it is important to understand the main benefits the solution is bound to offer you.

As aforementioned, spray foam Calgary can be used on a range of projects. It can be used on residential surfaces and in industrial projects which include tanks, walk-in coolers, cold storage and pipes. Unlike fiberglass, you will not be as limited when using this solution. The best thing is that it can also be used in difficult to insulate areas such as tiny crawl spaces and around plumbing. This is one of the few insulation solutions that offer remarkable flexibility.

House value
Did you know that insulating your home using polyurethane Calgary will actually boost its value? If you didn’t know now you know. The reason for this is because spray foam lasts for decades and does not sag or settle like other materials. In addition to that, SPF adds structural integrity. These are some of the things that cause home buyers to be more attracted to homes that are insulated with spray foam. If you plan on selling your home soon or sometime in the future, you should consider insulating it with spray foam. Doing so will not only protect your home but also add structural strength.

Remarkable insulation
Calgary spray foam has a high R-value. What this means is that it is more effective when it comes to insulation. Closed-cell SPF has an R-value of more than 6.0 per inch of thickness. What this means is that it is quite effective in reducing heat transfer. It also has a high resistance against air movement as well as temperature conduction. Paired with its ability to create airtight seals, SPF is the ultimate solution for anyone who plans on reducing heat loss by up to 40%. All you have to do is to work with spray foam contractors Calgary who are experienced in the installation of SPF.

Multi-level barrier
Spray foam is considered because its offers multi-level barriers. This is one of the few insulation materials you will find that offers air barrier, sound barrier and water barrier. This means more comfort in your home and more protection from elements that my damage your structure. It will also keep pests out since it is effective in sealing cracks and crevices.

Moisture reduction
Moisture and condensation can cause havoc in a home. They cause mold growth and other water damages. The use of SPF helps protect the house by controlling moisture.

The use of Calgary spray foam will save you a great deal of time and money. It is one of the best solutions you can get your hands on. You only need to work with the best installer.

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