Calgary Spray Foam – How to Use Canned Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam is available in many forms. The form you go with will mostly depend on the size and nature of your project. If you have decided to go with the canned spray foam, there are a number of things you will need to do to achieve better results. This post takes a look at a few practical approaches you should use when it comes to the application of canned SPF.

Seal gaps
The best thing about spray foam Calgary is that it helps reduce the air infiltration problem. The first thing you need to consider doing when using this solution is to seal the gaps. SPF is quite effective in doing this. Therefore, your first focus needs to be on sealing the gaps around the doors and windows. Make sure you pull the trim off so as to access the spaces around the jambs that builders might not have insulated. All in all, you must never overfill these parts.

Around pipes and wires’ entry points
Another area people forget to cover when installing canned polyurethane Calgary is the area around the pipes and wires. These entry points have spaces through which air from outside can get in and air from inside can escape through. While covering the vents and other air intrusion sites, you must pay attention to this area. The best thing about spray foam is that it will not harm wires or pipes.

Around plumbing
When using the likes of fiberglass batts, insulating the areas around plumbing has always proven difficult. The best thing is that you can use SPF to cover just any area irrespective of how tricky the site is. Spray foam contractors Calgary will advise that you always insulate the areas around the plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom. That way, you will not only prevent air infiltration but also prevent water leaks. Spray foam is waterproof and will be effective in creating water and moisture barriers.

Sill plate
Down in the basement, you need to inspect the sill plate. This is the part where the wooden frame meets the foundation. There might be a gap here. You need to seal this gap using the canned SPF.

Around penetrations
You should not forget about the penetrations. These are such areas as around the registers as well as HVAC vents, from your attic to the ceiling.

The idea when using Calgary spray foam is to make sure that you cover every area through which heat can be gained or lost. Taking time to understand the building envelope will give you an upper hand when insulating your home using the canned SPF.

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