Calgary Spray Foam – How to Remove Cured Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam is one of the hardest things to remove once it cures. This is why you have to make sure that you install everything the right way the first time round. However, accidents may occur and you may have to remove part of the installed SPF. If this is the case, there are a number of methods that you can use to get remove spray foam insulation. Below are the best tips you can get on SPF removal.

Allow natural removal
This is a viable option you can consider when you have to remove spray foam Calgary. However, you should note that the option only works when the foam insulation has not dried or cured. The non-cured materials will wear off in time and depending on the surface you have applied the foam on. You can leave it and allow it time to remove itself naturally.

Scrape using rough brushes
The second option you can consider is that of using rough brushes. This option is more demanding but it does work in the removal of polyurethane Calgary. If the SPF has cured, you need to get stiff-bristled brushes or any other type of rough brush and use it to scrape the foam off. You will need hot water to clean the residue that is left behind after you remove the foam completely.

Use saws for the tough spots
When shove comes to push, you have to turn to more crude methods. You can use reciprocating saws to cut sideways then remove the foam in tough spots. However, to avoid damaging your walls, you must never cut at 90 degrees angles. You should also check to make sure that there are no electric lines or pipes that lie beneath the cured Calgary spray foam.

Pry out using older tools
At times, what you need to remove cured spray foam is a claw hammer or flat pry bar. Consider using old tools so that their edges will be blunt enough to not damage the walls or surfaces spray foam has been applied on.

Use acetone in place of water
Spray foam contractors Calgary may recommend that you use acetone instead of water to clean un-cured foam. However, before you start working, test the solution on a hidden area to make sure that it has no damaging results. Don’t use soap and water. The reason why you should use acetone is because water may make the problem worse as water causes the SPF to cure.

Don’t use heat
In whatever you do, never turn to heat in the removal of polyurethane foam. This is for the simple fact that spray foam contains numerous toxins. The use of heat can cause the release of these toxins into the air thereby causing health problems.

Use thinners
Lacquer thinner will help with the removal of cured spray foam. You can buy one from the paint store.

Call a professional
Because of the time and effort that is involved in the removal of spray foam, it is only wise to get help from spray foam contractors Calgary. They know how to effectively remove cured and un-cured foam.

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