Calgary Spray Foam – How to Get Install Calgary Spray Foam Right

Calgary spray foam is a good option for homes in any region. The solution will add structural strength, help reduce moisture problems, reduce heat loss/gain and do so much more. However, it is important to remember that the results you get will all depend on how well you install the solution. This is why you should consider working with experienced spray foam contractors Calgary if you are new to SPF. All in all, by considering a few tips, you can get good results even when installing the solution for the first time. Below are some of the things you need to do.

Understand the two types
There are two types of spray foam Calgary; open cell and closed cell. Open cell is less dense and should only be used on interior walls. Closed cell on the other hand is denser and has a much higher R-value. it can be used on exterior walls. The two types have their own pros and cons. For the open cell, it is ideal where soundproofing is desired. Closed-cell spray foam is perfect for insulation because of its high R-value. Before you get started with the installation, it is imperative that you take the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options.

Get the right tools
The installation of polyurethane Calgary requires the use of specialized equipment. This is because the two chemicals required to create the foam have to be combined properly before they are injected into the desired site. You will also need to use the proper protective gear in order to keep yourself safe from the hazardous chemicals during installation. It is also important that you control your spray during installation. Refrain from improvising when it comes to the use of SPF. If you cannot get the required tools or if you don’t know how to use them, you will be better off working with spray foam contractors Calgary.

Understand the lift thickness
Once the two chemicals are combined and the foam is formed, the foam usually expands before it solidifies. It is very important that you keep an eye on the lift thickness. Take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations. While some manufacturers will allow for as much as 6 inches, most manufacturers recommend a lift of no more than 2 inches. If you end up using too much foam, you may cause structural damages when the foam expands excessively. What is more is that you have to keep eye on the heat. Too much head due to the reaction of the chemicals can cause ignition.

Be patient
Don’t be in a hurry to apply another layer of Calgary spray foam. You have to give the foam adequate time to lift. If you add too much foam without giving room for expansion, the heat and pressure generated can cause problems. Always wait for the previous lift to cool before you apply another layer.

These are the key points you need to consider during installation. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and never be in a hurry to complete the work.

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