Calgary Spray Foam – How Can Calgary Spray Foam Be Used in Your Home?

Calgary spray foam is considered by many as the best solution for reducing heat loss/gain in a home. This is mostly because of its high R-value and long lifespan. However, most people forget the fact that there is more to SPF than just insulation. In this post, we will be looking at some of the ways that you can use spray foam to further improve your home.

Air sealing
The first is the facts that spray foam Calgary can be used in creating airtight seals. This is one of the key reasons why it is so effective in insulation. Air infiltration accounts for up to 40% of heat loss/gain in a property. This means sealing off all the leakage sites will help reduce heating problems. SPF works so effectively because during installation, it adheres strongly to the surfaces it is applied on before expanding and solidifying into a rigid solid. It is impermeable to air thus effective in creating airtight barriers.

Increasing structural strength
Another way that spray foam contractors Calgary can use this solution is by boosting structural strength. This is achieved with closed-cell spray foam. It is much denser and solidifies into a rigid solid. Considering SPF always adheres to the surfaces it is applied on before solidifying, when used under the roof, it has been found to be quite effective in reducing the risk of wind uplift. Using it under the roof has been recommended for homes in areas that are prone to high winds. When used on the walls and floors, the rigid nature of cured SPF helps boost structural strength in a great way. It offers reinforcement.

Pest proofing
Did you know that polyurethane Calgary can also be used in pest proofing? This is because it does not serve as a source of food for the pests. In addition to that, it helps seal off all the entryways that pests can use to crawl into your home. In addition to that, SPF will help with humidity control since the air from outside that has high humidity will not get into your home. This works remarkably in repelling pests that prefer areas that have high humidity.

If you reside in areas that experience high noise such as near a freeway or near a school, you can control the noise with open-cell spray foam Calgary. This is the less dense type of SPF which is spongy in nature. It works effectively in sound dampening. It can also be used between floors to reduce noise from the rooms that are above or below you.

Creating water barriers
Last but not least, Calgary spray foam can be used to create water barriers. When used on the roof, it helps prevent leaks since it is impermeable to water. It will also reduce the impacts of flooding since SPF will keep flood water from spreading.

There are so many ways in which SPF will help improve your home. However, for the best results, you will have to work with experienced spray foam contractors Calgary.

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