Calgary Spray Foam – Calgary Spray Foam is the Best Investment You Can Make

Calgary spray foam continues to amass immense popularity among homeowners and businesses. This is a result of more people learning more about the many benefits of using this solution in insulation. The solution not only reduces the transfer of heat through the walls but also helps create water, vapor and sound barriers among other things. There is a very good reason why spray foam is one of the best investments you can ever make.

Investment in your wallet
Your everyday goal is definitely to cut back on energy consumption. If your house is poorly insulated, you will have to deal with air infiltration which contributes to about 40% of energy loss. The more the amount of heat that is gained or lost, the harder your HVAC will have to work. This leads to more energy consumption. With time, the overworked HVAC system will start to break down and you will have to spend money on repairs or replacements. The installation of spray foam in Calgary can help reduce your energy bills by up to 70%.

Spray polyurethane in Calgary is so effective in preventing energy loss because of its ability to create airtight seals. The solution is applied as a liquid which then foams instantly before expanding to fill every space. This is what helps create a tight building envelope.

Investment in your health
The best thing about spray foam that has been installed by professional spray foam contractors in Calgary is that it will serve you for decades. It does not breakdown or disintegrate into harmful dust as is the case with fiberglass butts. It will maintain its rigid condition for 30 years or more. It is hence safe to use around chemically and environmentally sensitive individuals. What is more is that SPF will help prevent mold and mildew as well as make it harder for other pests to get into your house. Because of its ability to seal off every nook and cranny, Calgary spray foam will further keep pollutants from getting into your house.

Investment in your comfort
One thing you need to understand about open cell spray foam in Calgary is that it is very effective in absorbing sound from both inside and outside the room. Its soundproofing effects will help with sound dampening. What is more is that spray foam will help prevent pollutants from getting into the house. The solution will improve your comfort by giving you a quiet and warm feeling.

Investment in your structure
Closed cell spray foam hardens into a rigid solid once it cures. Paired with its adhesive properties, this helps add structural strength. The solution can help prevent wind uplifts when applied under the roof. It will also prevent the spread of water in case of flooding.

Polyurethane in Calgary is one of the best investments you can ever make. It is even an investment in the environment because of its effects in reducing energy consumption and its long life. However, for you to enjoy the many benefits that come with this option, you have to make sure that it is installed by competent spray foam contractors.

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