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Calgary Spray Foam – Calgary Spray Foam Insulation

Calgary spray foam insulation

is gaining more popularity by the day. But why should you choose it? When you come to think about it, choosing the best insulation material for your house can be a tad intimidating. Your options range from mineral wool and cellulose to fiberglass and polystyrene. Every option has its pros and cons. However, before making a decision, you have to focus more on the R-value per inch and insulation properties. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate alternative to traditional building insulation. The many benefits it offers are what have made spray foam insulation more popular.

What is it?

Spray foam is basically a two component mixture made up of polyol resin and isocyanate. During installation, the two come into contact at the tip of the installation gun to form a form that expands before solidifying. Calgary spray foam can be sprayed on concrete slabs, roof tiles, and wall cavities or through holes. The material is favored mostly because it has a high R-value of over 6.0 per inch and can be used on areas that are difficult to insulate such as around plumbing or tight crawlspaces.


The benefits of spray foam insulation are innumerable. The main ones include a reduction in energy loss, structure reinforcement, and soundproofing and moisture management.

  • Reduces energy loss by up to 50%

As an insulating material, spray foam does not leave gaps. It hence prevents air leakage. The foam can also be installed in areas that seem impossible to insulate such as around plumbing and in tiny crawl spaces. The solution will also seal cracks to guarantee insignificant energy loss. Statistically speaking, Calgary spray foam will not only prevent the growth of mold but also reduce energy loss by up to 50%.

  • Structure reinforcement

Spray foam solidifies to form a dense and strong solid. This will add strength to your structure. It is one of the few insulating materials that will make your walls more rigid and stronger.

  • Soundproofing

Upon installation, spray foam acts as a cushion that reduces noise. It works best when installed on the interior walls.

  • Moisture management

Calgary spray foam insulation is further preferred because it is waterproof. It will inhibit the spread of moisture thereby reducing water damage. This makes it the perfect insulating material for the attic and around plumbing.


On the flipside, spray foam insulation is not without some drawbacks. The main pitfall is the fact that the upfront cost of installation is higher than that of conventional insulation. However, you will be able to recoup the cost within months because of the energy saving benefits. Another downside is the simple fact that you cannot install spray foam on your own. You have to hire professional help.

All things considered, Calgary spray foam insulation is definitely one of the best investments you can make. The solution will save your energy operating costs, add structural strength, reduce moisture and air infiltration, reduce allergens, soundproof your house, and reduce HVAC capacity requirements. What is more is that it is durable. Spray foam insulation will not settle or sag. Its R-values will remain stable for years.

Calgary spray foam insulation