Calgary Spray Foam – Answers to Crucial FAQ on Calgary Spray Foam

Calgary spray foam continues to amass immense popularity among property owners. This is the modern insulating material that promises great savings in energy bills. The solution has a long lifespan and adds structural strength and prevents a myriad of other problems. All in all, before you consider installing SPF, you definitely will have several questions that you will want answered. This post discusses answers to the frequently asked questions on spray foam.

What are the differences between closed cell and open cell SPF?
When you resolve to install spray foam in Calgary, you will have to choose between open cell and closed cell spray foam. These are the two main types of spray foam. They have varying properties and offer varying benefits. Understanding the two clearly is the key to making the most informed choice.

Open cell polyurethane in Calgary has open cell structures with the cells being filled with air. It is hence soft, less dense, and flexible and has a lower weight and lower R-value. The open cell foam is ideal for soundproofing purposes.

Closed cell foam, on the other hand, has closed cell structures which make it harder, more rigid and with a higher density and R-value. It offers structural strength as it adheres strongly to the surfaces it is applied on and hardens into a rigid solid. Closed-cell foam will create both air and water barriers. Its R-value ranges from R-5.8 to R-7.0 per inch of thickness. It is the ideal choice where clearance is limited.

Does spray foam absorb water?
This is yet another important question homeowners ask. The answer is no. Closed cell Calgary spray foam is resistant to water absorption. It creates water and vapor barriers. It is for this reason that FEMA approves the material as a flood resistant material that can be used in flood prone areas. It is important to note that open cell SPF can absorb as well as retain water in varying rates. If the purpose is to prevent flooding, go with closed cell spray foam.

Do I need professional help?
Yes. Although there are DIY solutions you can use, it is always recommended to hire spray foam contractors in Calgary when it comes to the installation of SPF. This is because of the equipment and expertise needed to insulate the house properly. One thing that you have to remember is that removing cured spray foam can be difficult. This means you have one shot at getting everything right. Second, you need the right installation gun and protective gear when working with SPF. The installer must also understand the building envelope properly as well as the building codes. These are all reasons why you should consider working with a professional.

How reliable spray foam in Calgary is will depend mostly on how well it has been installed. The installer must be able to mix the chemicals correctly and install the foam at the recommended thickness to achieve the required R-value. If the installer does not cover every area, energy loss/gain will still be experienced and this will lead to negative results.

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