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Calgary Spray Foam – A Spray Foam for Calgary Homes

Calgary spray foam

can be used in both residential and commercial properties. May it be a school, business or home; the system will not only improve insulation but also make it strong and protect the people inside. More and more people are turning to this solution mostly because it can improve a building’s insulation, strength and durability within a few days. This is unlike other insulating materials. But why exactly should you consider the use of spray foam for your home in Calgary?

Improved insulation

The first answer is because of the improved building insulation. When compared with other forms of building insulation, Calgary spray foam offers a number of unique advantages. First, it will eliminate uncontrolled air leakage. The material acts as an air barrier and it can be installed in the tiniest of spaces. It creates airtight seals and will minimize air movement into and out of the building. Considering air leaks account for about 40% of energy loss, spray foam will help cut your heating and cooling costs significantly.

The use of Calgary spray foam will further help you seal seams and cracks. This gives added protection against heat loss/gain. The foam creates a seamless building envelope that will help achieve a comfortable indoor environment. It is also important to note that this material is durable. It does not shrink or settle. It will offer you reliable insulation for the entire life of your structure.

Flood control

Did you know that Calgary spray foam is waterproof? In addition to strengthening the roof against uplifts, spray foam is used in roofing to prevent leaks. When used between the floors, it can keep moisture from the basement or other rooms with high humidity such as the bathroom from spreading to other rooms. In addition to that, spray foam will protect your property in case of flooding. It is impermeable and easy to clean.

Mold control

Mold and mildew can cause structural damage. This is, however, not the case if you use Calgary spray foam. To start with, spray foam has no nutritional value. It will not be a source of food for the mold. The insulation will eliminate condensing surfaces as well as reduce the accumulation of moisture. It also inhibits air movement within wall cavities. It is effective in creating an environment that hinders the growth of mold.

Pest prevention

Pests get in the house through crawlspaces and cracks. They also require moisture and a food source. Calgary spray foam will seal the cracks and crawlspaces and furthermore eliminate moisture and food sources that may lure pests in.

Added structural strength

Last but not least, the use of Calgary spray foam will strengthen your structure. The material is highly resistant to floodwater damage and will effectively create a strong bond that adds strength to the walls and increases your roof’s resistance to wind uplift.

Regardless of the type of house you own, Calgary spray foam is the ultimate insulation option for you. It improves your building’s envelope by ensuring the insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier work together to achieve a stable environment. You will, however, need a professional for the installation.

Calgary Spray Foam